Natalie Grant Celebrates 16 Years of Marriage with Bernie Herms

Natalie Grant

On August 16, singer and songwriter Natalie Grant celebrated 16 years of marriage to her husband cum producer Bernie Herms.  On Facebook, Grant rejoices: "16 years. Ups, downs, messy, I wouldn't trade a moment. And though it may sound like a greeting card, it's true: it just keeps getting better. I love you, Bernie. Happy anniversary to us."

Together, the couple has three daughters: Grace Ana and Isabella Noelle (born February 16, 2007) and Sadie Rose (born December 17, 2010).  

Moreover, Grant has recently announced the release that her upcoming single is entitled "Be One" and will be sent to radio in the coming weeks.

"I love this lyric because I feel it's so timely for right now and with what's going on in the world. Everyone is freaking out and arguing about this, that, and the other, and panic is setting in," Natalie said.

"This song [says to] put all that stuff aside, roll up your sleeves, [and] get your hands dirty! Stop talking about the love of God and be the love of God," she explained.

Earlier Natalie tweeted out artwork with lyrics from the song's chorus: "It's time to get our hands dirty. Be love, there's a whole lot of hurting. Calling all hearts, calling all hands, calling all feet to take a stand. Why sit around and wait for a miracle to come, when we can be one!"

Natalie also played a short audio clip of those lyrics, joking that her label doesn't know what she's doing. "I'm leaking my own music on Periscope," the singer said laughingly. 





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