Bri Talks About the Recording of Her Live Album "Keys to My Heart"


Soulful, spiritual and amazing are just a few of the adjectives fans of social media singing sensation Bri use to describe the Louisiana native's riveting YouTube and Instagram performances. Recently, before an invitation-only audience of friends, family and music industry tastemakers, Bri recorded her first album - a powerful live session - at the legendary Doppler Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.  

We are honored to be able to catch up with her for this exclusive interview.

Hallels: Congratulations Bri on your #1 single "I'll be the One" and your top 10 follow-up "Holy Spirit." How do you feel about the success of you have had thus far?

Thank You so much... I'm extremely excited and I give all honor and praises to God, because I know that he's the one who has made all this possible. But I'm very excited about everything that has happened so far because sometimes this all seems surreal.

Hallels: You have recently recorded a new live album "Keys to My Heart." Why a live album? How is the recording of a live album diffferent compared to a studio effort?

I wanted to give the #Brination fans and supporters that same experience and feeling they get whenever they watch my 15 second clips on Instagram. The difference between a live album and a studio effortis that I was more free with a live version being that I had a live band and Background vocals and if I wanted to flow after we recorded the structure part of the song we were able to do so and with a studio effort you're pretty boxed in where you can't do those types of things.

Hallels: What was most memorable about the recording session?

The thing that was most memorable about the recording session was to see people crying and worshipping God to a song that God have given me to write called "Jacob's Song."

Hallels: Why did you call the album "Keys to My Heart"?

One morning I was praying and while I was praying God began to speak to me and He told me I want the "Keys to your Heart." At first,I didn't understand what he meant and then he began to deal with itand I realized that God wanted total access to me but he also wanted me to share my testimony. We can go day after day and smile like we're okay in front of people but God sees the heart. And he sees the things we have hidden in our hearts weather it's hurts, emotional pain, scars and anger. But he wants totally access he wants the keys to open up the door to our hearts and once that door is open he can then uncover the hidden things and we can release it and then God can began to heal our hearts. I allowed God to have total access to my heart and once I did that I was able to release everything. So I named the album "Keys to my Heart" because each song was a testimony from an experience that I faced weather it was good or bad I'm letting #Brination have access to what was in my heart when I have God the keys.

Hallels: Who are some of writers and co-writers you have worked with for this live album? Any particular song you are most excited about?

Some of the writers that I was honored to work with for this live recording were Stellar Award nominated recording artists Uncle Reece and Bryan Andrew Wilson. Khas Dock who co-wrote my single "I'll Be TheOne". Also Korey Bowie and Antonio Cunningham. The song that I'm most excited about is the song I wrote called, "Jacob's Song".

Hallels: How do you think this live album wil encourage other Christians and challenge non-believers?

I think this live album will encourage other Christians to let them know that you're not alone and everyone goes through things from the least to great and I think it will also allow them to make a decision if they want to stay in that situation or if they will allow God to have total access with them. You know for the non- believers this album will just give them insight on who God really is and the love he has for us.

Hallels: When can we expect the album to be released? And will you be previewing some of the new songs live?

Unfortunately we do not have a specific date yet but you can expect something to come out in first quarter of 2016. And yes we will be previewing some of the songs live. 


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