Our Exclusive Interview: Getting to Know the Wardlaw Brothers

Wardlaw Brothers

The Wardlaw Brothers are a family of singers that are focused on ministry and driven to sustain excellence in everything they do.  Each brother is blessed with an incredible gift of vocal aptitude that when unified as five together yields a dynamic musical experience and high-spirited worship atmosphere. Their newest single and first glimpse of their forthcoming 2016 project is heating up Gospel radio.  "Come Through" is their quartet inspired track produced with a contemporary flare that imparts a reassuring message.

Hallels:  So grateful guys for your time.  Who is the Wardlaw Brothers and how did all of you started singing?

The Wardlaw Brothers are 5 biological brothers from Lyons, Georgia. We were all raised together in the same home. We have the same mother and father. We have one sister.  We actually started singing in a youth choir in the state of Washington when we were very young. After some time, we relocated to Georgia and our parents refused to let us stop singing. We were "The Wardlaw Children" everywhere we went. Our sister sang with us up until she got married. We eventually evolved into The Wardlaw Brothers and around 1990 when Boys II Men came out with their A Capella Hit "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" is when we began to experiment with harmonizing. We had heard and grew up listening to the likes of Take 6, The Winans, The Williams Brothers, and many others, but never really began harmonizing until we heard Boys II Men.

Hallels:  How then would you descibe your music and style?

Our style is universal. As God would have it, we can stand and sing A Capella at the southern baptist convention, traditional hymns at the National Baptist convention, or praise and worship at the COGIC and Full Gospel Conventions. We have been blessed to be able to successfully intertwine every genre of music. We have opened for "Premiere Quartet" Southern Gospel, and then Yolanda Adams. You may see us sing at the Quartet convention and then see us singing the National Anthem with contemporary harmonies on a local, state, or National level. There is literally nowhere we can not go and successfully adapt. To God Be The Glory. We like to say we are a traditional, contemporary, urban, pop and R&B gospel group.

Hallels:  I believe you are currently working on your new album.  Who are you woking with in terms of producer(s) and songwriter(s) for this album?  And when will it be released?

We are currently working on a new album and we are very excited. Our brother Luther is primary producing the record with our good friend and brother Andre Forbes from Tallahassee, Florida. We have been blessed to write our songs as well. In terms of production, we haven't really went outside of home base on this record, however, we have called on a few friends from the industry for features and other things that we believe the world is going to be able to appreciate. We won't let the cat out of the bag on that just yet. Lol! The title of the Album is called "Stand There" and we are praying for a 1s Quarter Release.

Hallels:  You have recently appeared on "Good Morning America," what was it like singing on the show? 

Honestly, it was a dream come true. It is nothing we took lightly, nor did we take it for granted. It was a blessing to meet Robin Roberts as well as the other television personalities and be accepted by the world the way we were. We were blown away.

Hallels:  "We Will Survive," your single, is dedicated towards Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, why is this important for you? 

We Will Survive is a song we wrote when our uncle was diagnosed in 2013. Cancer Awareness and Research has always been important to us because people are important to us. So many lives and families have been affected by this disease. But when it hits close to home, the response is just different. We have lost family members and friends to cancer and have close friends suffering even now. While we strongly believe in the healing power of Almighty God, we respect the fact that God often works through medicine and treatment and we want to be sure we are doing our part. 

Hallels:  You also have a new single "Come Through," tell us briefly what the song is about?

Come Through is another traditional song with a contemporary flavor that allows a listener to call on the name of The Lord while slapping the leg, bobbing the head, and stomping the foot. It's a vertical song, talking directly to God and asking Him to Come Through - reminding Him of how He came Through for others - How He brought others out of bondage, and delivered others, then asking Him to do the same today. Although God knows all things and knows what we need, when we need it, He still likes to hear from us. Come Through is actually a prayer - a song that we wrote out of our own cry to God to Come Through for us in our own situations and circumstances. Everybody need the Lord to Come Through at some point.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to get to know you and your music, where can they go?

Please visit our website at We also encourage you to join our text club which is how you can be sure to know the release and locations of the upcoming album. Just text the letters Twb to the number 72727. We would also like for you to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and periscope, subscribe to our YouTube, and like us on FaceBook. Our handle for all social media is @wardlawbros


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