Booth Brothers' Paul Lancaster Pays Tribute to Andrae Crouch with New Album

Paul Lancaster

Paul Lancaster of the Booth Brothers has just released a tribute solo recording to the late Andrae Crouch.  Entitled MY TRIBUTE: THE CLASSIC SONGS OF ANDRAE' CROUCH - FEATURING PAUL LANCASTER, the album finds Lancaster putting his own patented touches on some of Crouch's best worship songs including "My Tribute (To God Be The Glory)," "Soon And Very Soon," "The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power," "Bless The Lord Oh My Soul," and more!  

Lancaster writes: "I grew up during the 70's in what was called the "Jesus music" era. There was a lot of great Christian music created within that time and among the best was Andrae' Crouch. He was also among the very first influences on my life, musically and spiritually, all the way back to the early age of 5 years old. That's why it is my honor and privilege to be able to bring you my interpretation of my favorite Andrae' Crouch songs. These all have been a part of the soundtrack of my life and now I am thrilled to have finally made a recording in tribute to one of the greatest songwriters of our time. Thank you, Andrae', for leaving a wonderful legacy of TRUTH set to music and to God be the glory!"

Lancaster gets the thumbs up from his fellow Booth Brothers when they lifted up their thumbs on Facebook: "We're so proud of Paul. This is a great tribute to a legend!" 

Paul's Andrae Crouch Cover 


  1. I've Got Confidence
  2. The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
  3. My Tribute To God Be The Glory
  4. Soon And Very Soon
  5. Through It All - Paul Lancaster
  6. Take Me Back
  7. Jesus Is The Answer
  8. I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me
  9. Bless The Lord Oh My Soul
  10. Let The Church Say Amen

Paul Lancaster was born in Gadsden, Alabama and lived there until he was 24. He sang his first solo, "The King Is Coming," in church at the age of 5. From that point, Paul was invited to sing at different churches and events around his hometown. He continued doing just that until, at the age of 14, he was invited to audition for and join a local family gospel group there in Gadsden. Paul continued singing with them and a couple of other local/regional groups throughout all of his high school years.

At the age of 19, Paul started traveling with a singing evangelistic family known as The Mullins. In fact, it was under their ministry that he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Within the first two weeks of joining them, he realized that he did not have a relationship with the God that he had been singing about all of his life. One night, after a revival meeting at a church just outside of Tyler, Texas, Paul knelt down in their bus and asked Jesus to come and live in his heart. From this point on, his biggest desire has been to connect the message of Christ through his life as well as his music. Paul also met the girl he would marry, Michelle Miller, during his 12-year tenure with The Mullins. She was traveling with The Nelons, at the time, as Amber's nanny. Karen Peck introduced them to each other and the rest is history!

Through the years since, Paul has also been a member of The Nelons and has filled in for groups like The Martins, Karen Peck and New River, Three Bridges and yes... even The Booth Brothers.Paul is very excited to be singing with Ronnie and Michael and he calls this opportunity "a blessing of grace from God." He states, "I couldn't imagine two better men to sing beside, a better atmosphere in which to work and travel, or better music to sing than gospel music. I feel as if I'm entering into some of the best years of my life."

Paul and his wife, Michelle have been married 22 years and have three boys: Alexander (18), Ethan (12) and Jackson (9). Paul says, "Spending time with my family is not only important to me, it is the thing that I enjoy the most in life!" They currently live in Blanchester, Ohio, a small town just north of Cincinnati.





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