Kari Jobe Shows Off Her Pregancy Photo

Kari Jobe
(Photo : Kari Jobe 'Majestic' (Capitol CMG))

Kari Jobe has had a busy year laste year.  Recently, she just released a remix version of her worship album Majestic.  Also, in December, she and her husband Cody Carnes celebrated their first year wedding anniversary. But it has not all been celebratory, Jobe's sister, Kris, lost her baby girl, James Ivy. 

Nevertheless, coming later in the year is their new baby!  She has also posted over social media a picture of her with her big tummy. She explained, "I've decided pregnancy is one of the greatest honors in the whole world, and an incredible miracle. It has taught me the importance of not rushing a process, there's a specific reason it takes 9, really 10 months to grow a baby. God doesn't get in a hurry when He works on birthing something new in our lives."

"Pregnancy has also opened up a whole new realization to me of so many women who have walked through some of the hardest moments of their lives- great joy for one can be great sorrow for another. Celebration and grief are hard to experience at the same time, but through it all- the Holy Spirit- the great comforter has been so tangibly real," she added.

"I pray for major miracles in each of your lives as you await the new, await the miracles, await the thing your hearts have been desperately longing for. The process and journey can be ever so hard- but the nearness of His presence can be the very thing that helps you get through it. Don't give up waiting and hoping- I promise He is working on things you can't see."






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