Pope Francis Has Signed Up with Instagram

Pope Francis
(Photo : AGF/Rex)

Pope Francis has signed up with Instagram. On Saturday (March 19), the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church has kept up with the times.  He joined social networking app Instagram, gaining 325,000 followers (and counting) in a matter of two hours. 

In his first post on the photo-sharing application, His Holiness, who holds the username @Franciscus with "I want to walk with you along the way of God's mercy and tenderness" as his bio, shared an image of himself kneeling, bedecked in his white robe with the caption "Pray for me" in nine languages. 

Instagram is the second social media channel that the globally-renowned Catholic leader has joined. In 2013, Pope Francis took over both the Papacy from Pope Benedict XVI and his Twitter account (@Pontifex), which has 8.89 million followers. 

He also shared the news of his most recent account on Twitter, informing his followers, "I am beginning a new journey, on Instagram, to walk with you along the path of mercy and the tenderness of God."



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