Judge Rules Katy Perry Gets to Buy a Los Angeles Ex-Roman Catholic Convent

Katy Perry

A judge ruled on Wednesday that pop singer and former Christian artist Katy Perry will get to purchase the Hilltop Catholic convent in Los Angeles. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick ruled that attempts to sell the property to the businesswoman by members of an order of elderly nuns were improper. 

Last year, Perry offered $14.5 million to purchase the property but two elderly nuns who used to live there tried to sell it to someone else, entrepreneur Dana Hollister. The nuns weren't interested in selling to the likes of Perry (even if she was raised a good Protestant girl).  

Hollister recorded a deed on the property, but Bowick's ruling rescinds it.

Perry had plans to turn it into a boutique hotel, which drew concerns from some neighbors. 


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