Our Favorite 4th of July Christian Songs

Patriotic Songs

In celebration of the 4th of July, we have compiled our favorite patriotic songs for your enjoyment.

5. Mark Schultz "Letters of War"

Released in 2003, Mark Schultz's "Letters from War" is taken from his third album Stories and Songs. Mark Schultz stated that the song was written in honor of his Great-Grandmother's sons. All 3 of the boys went to fight in World War II. Her 2 older boys came home a short time later but her youngest son was there until the end of the war.

The song itself tells of a young man going off to fight in a war. His mother writes daily, and he writes back. One day in December, she gets a letter from a fellow soldier that her son was captured by the enemy while saving him. The mother keeps writing anyway, and two years later, a black car pulls into her driveway, and she faints. Her son steps out, now a Captain. He runs to her, and tells her he's followed her orders of coming home. He has all of her letters in his hand while he's hugging her, and the video ends with the other soldiers being reunited with their families.

4. Hillsong Worship "In Your Freedom"

Independence Day celebrates freedom; but true freedom can only come through the Cross of Jesus Christ.  Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong team express this gorgeously in this worship anthem.

3. Michael W. Smith "There She Stands"

Michael W. Smith wrote "There She Stands" at the request of the President of the United States not too long after the 9/11 attacks. The song was released it as the final track on his Worship Again album. 

2. Wayne Watson "Heal Our Land"

In an exclusive interview with us Watson tells us the genesis of the song's creation: "I woke up one morning a few weeks before the last presidential election with three words and a melody on my mind and heart.  It occurred to me that the problems our nation faces have very little to do with who occupies the White House, who your Senator or Representative might be, who the Governor is, etc.  What hurts us the most is this slow leak, that started in the late 50s and 60s as I see it, draining our reverence for God, our awe of Him and consequently our respect and concern for each other.  It's impossible to measure the distance that's been created between us as people and us as His creations.  I'm not really surprised, given that realization, that we're on a moral slip and slide. " 

1. Kirk Franklin "My World Needs You"

Taken from his new album "Losing My Religion," "My World Needs You" is a prayer for personal revival, which can ultimately lead to a notional revival. "Every heart in the world, God, needs you to rescue/Storms have come and torn our hearts in two/We need you/Show me your face/Fill up this space/My world needs you right now." 

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