Linda Doane of Inspiration Worship Opens Up About Her Battle with Cancer & the Passion Behind their New EP

Inspirational Worship

Husband and wife duo Inspiration Worship, whose artist name was inspired by the wife's cancer diagnosis, have just released their five-song EP titled "Whose." Inspiration Worship comprises of Tom and Linda Doane. The Doanes, who wrote all of the songs on "Whose," co-produced the EP with Clement Ducasse.A lyric video for "Sticks & Stones" is available, as well as a YouTube channel featuring all of the EP's songs.

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Briefly tell us who is Inspiration Worship. 

Thank you so much for asking!!! We are a husband-wife songwriting team from the Detroit-metro area. We are a blended family with 5 beautiful daughters and we love to praise God with bold lyrics and a modern sound. 

Q:  Why did you choose the name Inspiration Worship? 

The name Inspiration Worship comes from a very personal place. In December 2011, I went to the doctor with difficulty breathing.  After 7 lung taps over 6 weeks and countless tests, I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.  After not being able to take a normal breath for 6 weeks and undergoing R-CHOP chemotherapy, we understand that every breath truly is a gift. So INSPIRATION, which means a single inhale, is the breath of God giving us life and WORSHIP is our exhale of gratitude back to Him. 

Q: Linda, I believe you have had gone through quite a difficult bout with cancer.  Can you tell our readers a little about that experience? 

Yes. The most difficult part of the battle was the fact that our oldest daughter (age 15 at that time) was entered into residential treatment for anorexia five days before I went to the doctor with labored breathing. I thought the heaviness in my chest was stress and it never occurred to me that I was sick. Having never heard of lymphoma, I had asked one of the many doctors I saw why they just couldn't cut the cancer out of me. His response was, "If they cut everything out of you that was cancerous, there wouldn't be enough left to be human." It was all throughout my abdomen and in my bone marrow. I did lose my hair from the chemo but eventually got through it all. And, I would say the biggest surprise was being re-diagnosed three years later. 

Q:  How are you now health wise? 

Healed. Physically, some days are easier than others because the consequence of chemo is real but I know that I serve a God who restores so I continue to trust in His promises. I also do practical things like exercise, eat healthy, and juice often as well. And, although my daughter is still in her battle 5 years later, we've learned to trust God in all circumstances.  

Q:  In your struggles with cancer, how did you find strength in Jesus Christ? 

The Believer's Authority by Kenneth P. Hagin played a critical part in building my strength. It helped me to understand my authority over the enemy and that, although he may have power in this realm, he has NO authority over me. It helped me not to get caught up in the physical battle and instead focus on the spiritual victory that has already been won by the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And, of course, my husband showed me such love and care and tenderness that he was a daily, tangible source of the Lord's strength.  

Q:  I believe your experiences have helped shaped your new single "Whose."  Tell us what is the song about?  And what's the story behind the song? 

Whose is a song that challenges us as individuals and as a Body of Christ to examine our hearts and our motives to make sure we worship nothing above the Lord (Ps 96:4-5). I was at home when the first line of the song just captivated my spirit. I ran to get my Songwriter app (a gift from my husband) and the song just poured out. I felt like God was asking the question "Whose heart do you burn for?" directly to my husband and me knowing that He was getting ready to position us to record and start moving forward with Inspiration Worship.  

Q:  "Whose" comes from an EP you have just released.  What are you most excited about this record? 

We are most excited about seeing God move hearts through this project. We know that His Hand was on every lyric, melody, musician, and person that touched this EP. To see a song birthed from an idea, a hurt, or an experience just confirms that God truly works all things together for good.  

Q:  For our readers who would like to purchase your music and find out more about you, where can they go? 


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