Katie Melua Releases Christmas Album "In the Winter"

Katie Melua

It has been 3 years since multi-award-winning Katie Melua released 'Ketevan', her 6th and final album through her creative partnership with Mike Batt and Dramatico.  There is no question that Katie and Mike achieved immense success during their 10+ years of working together, but the release of 'In Winter' this October, Katie's first album as a truly independent artist, marks a significant new chapter in her creative evolution.  

Unlike her prior releases, 'In Winter' sees Katie taking over the reigns as creative director, principal song-writer, recording artist, and producer, to create an album that is very much of her own making.  The album is focused on exploring the themes of Winter, both festive and personal.  For many Winter is bitter-sweet, full of feelings of love, family, gifting, magic, warmth, and celebration, but equally: melancholy, regret, dashed hopes, a longing to return home, and, of course, the cold. The creation of 'In Winter' has also provided Melua the opportunity to engage in a far richer perspective on 2 different cultures that are so close to her: the West and the ex-Soviet Union.  She didn't only record the album in Gori, Georgia (her country of birth), but has also been drawing from the rich traditions of carols and folk-tales from the region.

Katie has spent the last 18 months traveling between her home in London, and the town of Gori, where she has been working with a phenomenal group of 23 female singers called Gori Women's Choir.  She has wanted to work with the choir for many years now, and this record has finally presented the perfect opportunity.  She has also enlisted the immense talents of Oxford-based Bob Chilcott, whose work as a choral arranger is nothing short of world-renowned. And as much as the quality of the music is of paramount importance, so, too, is the aesthetic presentation.  This aspect of the work is being created by an exemplary illustrator by the name of Niroot Puttapipat, originally from Thailand and now based in London.  Niroot has an incredible talent of bringing words to life in pictures. He works only by hand, and has illustrated such notable book titles as The Nutcracker, The Rubáiyát of Omar Khattám, and Jane Austen's Emma.

'In Winter' opens with the traditional Ukrainian Carol introduced to the West as Carol of the Bells, and closes with a show-stopping rendition of 'O Holy Night'. The album also features 4 brand new songs written by Melua, as well as a truly magnificent cover-version of Joni Mitchell's festive classic, 'River'.

1.  The Little Sparrow
2.  River
3.  Perfect World
4.  Cradle Somg
5.  A Time To Buy
​6.  Plane Song
7.  If You Are So Beautiful
8.  Dreams On Fire
9.  All-Night Vigil - Nunc Dimittis
10. O Holy Night 

'In Winter' 'will be released on October the 14th through BMG Chrysalis/8Ball Records and a PIAS distribution.



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