Travis Greene Explains Why He Performed at Trump's Inaugural Ball

Travis Greene

Gospel music artist Travis Greene joined 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith, The Piano Guys, Lee Greenwood, Tim Wishlow and Sam & Dave's Sam Moore as one of the performers at Donald Trump's inaugural ball.  Earlier, Jennifer Holliday chose to step down from performing at the ball after reading an article about how much her involvement had hurt her fans in the gay community.  

Neverheless, Greene was enthused about his performance. He sees his performance as a means to "redefine culture." "Family, I have something very special to share -- and I wanted you to hear directly from me," Greene wrote.

"Man, I'm overwhelmed by the favor and the love of our Jesus Christ," he says in a video released on social media. "The doors that he's opened over the past couple of years have just blown my mind. One of those doors was an invitation to the inaugural ball, to Washington, D.C. After much prayer, deliberation and soul-searching, I literally spoke to most of my spiritual advisers throughout the country, and it was an overwhelming, 'Go!' That's what they told me -- that they believed this was the will of God.

"Why? Because in the Bible, many times, when God's hand was on someone, on his servant, he gave them access to places of power. They served and spoke his word in front of kings that they agreed with and disagreed with. So I believe that this is a door open from God for me to engage in culture -- not to sit back and tolerate or complain, but to help redefine culture in some way. So I'm taking the light and the love of Jesus where it belongs."

Greene's song "Made a Way" is No. 1 on Billboard's Gospel Airplay chart this week. 


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