NewSpring Worship “Able” Album Review

Newspring Worship

Prime Cuts: Worthy, 'Tis So Sweet, Able

Overall Score: 4/5

There are worship songs and there are worship songs that take you for a heavenly ride; they transport you right into the throne of heaven.  Some of the songs on NewSpring Worship's album belong to the latter.  Take a listen, for instance, to "Worthy."  One of the album's most soul piercing cuts.  As gorgeous as the words and melody are, it's the way the lead singer (who has a mellifluous voice not dissimilar to Passion's Christy Nockels) is able to nuance the depths of her words that makes the song absolutely pulverizing.  When she sings "Worthy, Lamb who was slain/Of power and wealth, wisdom and strength/Every voice will praise You, every tongue confess, You are God," she unveils layers and layers of the Lord's greatness that overwhelm us with a renewed awe.

NewSpring Worship is the worship ministry of NewSpring Church, a growing, vibrant church with multiple locations all over the state of South Carolina. The church was founded by former pastor and author Perry Noble.  Now, the church averages 32,000 people during weekend services at multiple campuses throughout the state. God has given the church a vision and a passion for helping people meet Jesus, and each week they share God's word and its practical application in our daily lives.

"Able" is the debut full length album the team has released via Dream Worship.  Last year, they tested the waters with the release of the inaugural Dream Worship EP "The Difference Maker." Two out of the four songs ("Every Line" and "Now and Forever") on that EP are reprised here. The rest of the 8 songs on "Able" are new.  Just as they had included a hymn for their former EP, now they have included a piano version of "Tis So Sweet."  Without any new augmented verses or other musical frills, NewSpring Worship proves that you don't have to re-invent the wheel to worship in truth and spirit. 

Also, of note are the Coldplay-esque title cut "Able" which has a relaxing soft rock reverb sound to it that doesn't impede upon the song's God exalting lyrics.  Then, there is EDM-beat driven "Now and Forever" and the faith-building ballad "Every Line." Every line on "Every Line" is worthy of prayerful rumination: Where would I be without you, Facing this fight I'd never choose/Where would I be without you, With nothing left to lose/Who would I have to hold me, Who else can make these mountains move.

This is not to say that the album is perfect.  There are some songs here that do pass muster but they don't come across as particularly essential.  "See Me Through," "Our Great God" and "King of Kings" are as predictable as their titulars suggest.  



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