5 Songs for Good Friday & Easter We Are Excited About

Chris Tomlin

With Good Friday and Easter less than a month away, worship leaders must be wondering what new songs they could add to their songset.  Here are 5 songs that speak of the Cross and resurrection of Christ we are excited about.  Not only do they faithful expound on the themes surrounding the last week of Jesus' life, they are also written with the congregation in mind.  So, check them out.

1.      Chris Tomlin "God of Calvary" from Tomlin's "Never Lose Sight"

"God of Calvary" is this album's "At the Cross (Love Ran Red)."  A gorgeous ballad that gives details to the final hours of Jesus Christ backed by a crescendo building tune, "God of Calvary" is vintage Tomlin.  This song ought to be the anthem of churches not only during Easter but throughout the year.  Incidentally, the album's titular, "Never Lose Sight," is a phrase lifted right out of the bridge of "God of Calvary."

2.      Hillsong Worship's "I Will Boast in Christ" from Hillsong's "Let There be Light"

 The anthemic "I Will Boast in Christ" finds Reuben Morgan seamless interweaving the hymn "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus" with his newly written tune. This way, Morgan gives the older folks in our congregations an easier grasp on this powerful song inspired by Galatians 6:14. 

3.      Ian Yates "No Longer I" from Yates' "Awaken to Love"

In terms of familiarity, many would resonate with Yates' "No Longer I."  Fans who have had bought Redman's "Unbroken Praise" would realize that "No Longer I" was written by Yates, Redman and Sam Blake. A hybrid between the hymn "At the Cross" and a newly written song, "No Longer I" capitalizes on the theological richness of hymnody as well as it avails contemporary expressions of worship back to God.  This is the type of worship songs that ought to be dominating our churches today.

4.      Daniel Bashta "Drenched in Love" from Bashta's "My Resurrection (Live)"

An instant favorite is "Drenched in Love."  Utilizing the hymn "Nothing But the Blood" as the hook, "Drenched in Love" is a celebratory boast about the accomplishments of the blood of Jesus Christ.  The use of voices from the worship team singing together in exuberant unity is itself a stellar piece of worship. 

5.      North Point InsideOut "Death Was Arrested" 

With Easter around the corner, the hymn-like "Death Was Arrested" is a must-add to every worship leader's portfolio. Filled with thoughtful expressions of Christ's death and resurrection, this song enlarges our vocabulary in singing about the Gospel.



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