DJ Kirk Chats About Being a Christian DJ, His New EP & Jesus

DJ Kirk

DJ Kirk got his start working as a DJ in nightclubs, and as an on-air talent at Hot 97.5 Radio in Bismarck, ND. He was quickly recognized for his production, improvisation, live remixes, and high energy. Although he was emerging to become one of the leading DJ's in the Midwest, Kirk felt a calling to minister with his music and testimony, and left the bar scene to DJ full time for Christian recording artists and events.

Adding church conferences, youth conventions, festivals, and Minnesota Youth Alive to his resume, DJ Kirk has emerged him as one the leading Christian DJ's in the US.  DJ Kirk is set to release his second self titled project through DROM Records on April 29th, 2017. Says DJ Kirk, "Music is about connecting, I want to bring students not just into moments of fun, but moments of inspiration that will be talked about beyond the event..." 

Q:  Thank you for doing this interview with us.  I believe you were once a DJ at nightclubs, what made you turn around and become a Christian DJ? 

Yes I was a DJ in a nightclub back in the day; I did proclaim to be a Christian back then, but I didn't like the person I was becoming.... It was a natural progression that for me to grow in my faith I needed to let this scene fall behind..

Q:  Being a Christian DJ, whereabouts do you serve now? 

I serve mainly at youth conferences and conventions serving as a performing artist... It's been rewarding to see DJs highlighted as entertainers in much the same right a singer, band, or rapper used to get...

Q:  What are your goals as a Christian DJ?  

My goals are to break the norm for what we categorize Christian DJs as, they aren't just your stereotypical DJ filling background tracks for a rapper... I want to see DJs given a stage and platform to perform alongside some of the biggest acts in the industry...

Q:  You have a brand new EP coming out, what are you most excited about this record? 

For my fans to hear it of course! :) But seriously, some of these songs are written out of some really tough times in my life, and I think a lot of fans will be able to relate to it... 

Q:  You have also some very talented artists singing on the record.  Tell us who are some of them.  What were some of the joys working with them?

Yes, we have Carmen Justice and Avari to name just a few... The joy of working with similar artists who know your style, genre, and idea of the song you're trying to create is simply amazing in itself, it's a process that can't be explained... However, you will know it when you hear the song! 

Q:  What are your hopes for this new EP?  How do you wish this record could impact God's kingdom?

That people would know that God uses things outside the norm to impact his Kingdom, whatever your gifs, talents, or abilities are, surrender those to God, and let Him use it for his glory... People will hear that in this album!

Q:  Over your career from a secular DJ to a Christian one, what does Jesus mean to you?  

Funny you mention this as I was just reading in Colossians last night how Jesus is the purpose behind everything... From starting out in 2013 to growing today in 2017, Jesus is the beginning, middle, and end for this thing called music... 

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