Lysa TerKeurst’s 22-Yr-Old Daughter Breaks Silence About Her Dad’s Affair

Ashley Hodges

Christian author, founder of the Proverbs 31 Ministries and popular women's conference speaker, Lysa Terkeurst has recently announced that she is divorcing her husband of 25 years. Adultery and substance abuse were the cited causes of the marriage's demise. Nevertheless, the person to take the news the hardest was their daughter. Ashley Hodges.  The 22-year-old beauty born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, opened up about the devastating effects her father's actions had on her own marriage and personal life in a raw guest post for Sadie Robertson's Live Original blog. 

Her initial reaction was one of pure flabbergast: "WHAT?!..." I could have sworn I was dreaming. "There's no way this is true." "No, like you don't understand... I know that's not true... my dad would NEVER do that."

Prior to this moment, her parents had always been her unwavering rock and her "safe place." "My dad was my hero, my spiritual leader (for 20 years until I got married), my best friend, my coach, my boss (I worked for him at his Chick-fil-A growing up), and the only man in my life that NEVER broke my trust growing up," said Ashley. "As you can imagine, I was completely heart broken."

She admits that her father's breach of trust also took a toll on her own marriage: "Imagine this - the father you trusted your life with for 20 years breaks your trust in the worst way possible. How the heck was I supposed to now trust David? A man I've only known for a little over a year."

In closing, the TerKeurst daughter encourages others navigating the 'problem of pain' to do three things every day to keep their eyes fixed on the Lord: get in the Word, worship often and look BEYOND your current circumstance. "In adversity, you have the opportunity to shine Christ's light brighter and louder than ever before," she adds. "The darker it gets, the brighter His light shines. The more impossible it gets, the more it becomes evident that the only answer is Jesus."






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