Dallas Jenkins' "The Chosen": VidAngel Releases Multi-Season TV Series About Life of Jesus, Watch Trailer

Dallas Jenkins' "The Chosen"
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Director Dallas Jenkins has collaborated with VidAngel and released the pilot episode of his upcoming series titled “The Chosen.” Jenkins, who helmed faith-based movies such as “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone” and “What If…,” aims to reach out to audiences in the first multi-installment TV series about the life of Jesus Christ.

The first episode of “The Chosen,” titled “The Shepherd: A Story of the First Christmas,” has been made available for viewing on the streaming service. As noted in the episode’s ending, Jenkins is asking viewers to support the spread of God’s word by sharing the Gospel message in an achievable manner and anticipating other value-laden episodes in his series.

"'The Shepherd' is the most important film I've ever made, even though it's 20 minutes long, and the whole reason I made it was to provide a fresh perspective on a story we've heard countless times," Jenkins said in an interview with The Christian Post.

According to the news outlet, “The Shepherd” has strongly made an impact on Christian leaders who are now pushing for Jenkins’ multi-season series to allow stories of “The Chosen” to come to life.

"My original idea in making 'The Shepherd' was simply to create a short film about the birth of Christ in a fresh way. As I shared it with friends, ministry leaders, and entertainment professionals, I kept getting the same response: 'I want more,'" Jenkins further said to The Christian Post.

Consequently, the director decided to come up with an entire series revolving around the life of Christ through the perspective of the people who have encountered him and believed that he is “The Chosen.”

“And when I say 'we,' I mean we literally, because you can be a part of this unprecedented project,” he added.

VidAngel released an official statement about having Jenkins’ “The Chosen” as their “first major scripted series.”

"Eighty-six percent of VidAngel's users say their faith is extremely important to them. This vastly underserved audience deserves more content they want to see,” CEO Neal Harmon stated, while adding: “We believe passionately that the story of Jesus is must-watch, binge worthy TV for untold millions, and we also believe that thousands will catch this vision and enthusiastically support this project.”

Being a unique entertainment platform, VidAngel is a video streaming service that aims to inspire and encourage its users to do away with certain mature content, such as harsh language, violence, and nudity, among others. The platform now provides original content, including Jenkins’ “The Chosen.”

Meanwhile, “The Chosen” is currently seeking additional pledges and has begun a campaign to reach out to potential viewers. The pilot episode can be viewed here.

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