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The Inspirations

The Inspirations, a hallmark name in Classic Gospel Quartet Music, bring The One in the Water..If you were raised on the sounds of the Gospel Singing Jubilee. If traditional Quartet harmonies delivered with exuberance and heartfelt earnestness speak to your heart, then you are already a fan of this new release from one of the most important groups in the history of Southern Gospel Music. The album releases on July 14.

With The One in the Water, The Inspirations do not waver from the classic quartet style they have been carrying and made famous for the last 5 plus decades. This album marks the return of instantly recognizable vocalists Archie Watkins, Eddie Deitz and Marlon Shubert. They join Matt Dibler and Roland Kesterson along with band members Luke Vaught and Casey Johnson to offer a selection of songs that represent the finest in traditional Christian music.

Q:  This brand new album must be special album for you as it marks the return of vocalists Archie Watkins, Eddie Deitz and Marlon Shubert. How did this reunion happen?  

As of March 1, Martin Cook retired after 53 years of being the piano player and manager of the Inspirations.  Archie then bought all the stock of the corporation and is now the sole owner/manager.  He was traveling with Marlin, Eddie, and Troy Burns as Smoky Mountain Reunion.  They traveled on a limited basis.  Troy has gone on to promote and sing with his family "The Troy Burns Family".  Eddie, Marlin, and Archie now travel as Inspirations.

Q:  As you were choosing songs for this record, what were the criterion you used in choosing a right song for the album?

Our standard for songs has always been that they must be scriptural, and they must bless us before we could expect God to use them as blessings to others.

Q:  Why is the album called "The One in the Water?"  What's the significance of the title?

The first single from this album is "The One in the Water" the record company felt it fitting to name the project after this great song.  The significance is that when people wondered who was in the water with John the reality is that it was the water Himself in the water with John.

Q:  On this album you have kept the old Inspirational Gospel sound but you've also taken some new directions.  Was this deliberate?

Yes,  we always want people to immediately recognize the Inspirations by our sound and style.  As far as the new direction, we wanted to show that there is a great future for the Inspirations, but we don't have to sacrifice our sound and style to maintain a health future.

Q:  You have included a patriotic song "We Are Christians."  

Tell us more about this song.Penned by Tracy Jones of Valdosta, Ga.  The message of this song is timely, true, & tremendous.  For far too long Christians have been silent complainers of all that is wrong in our country.  It is time that we become proud prolaimers of our faith, and our godly heritage as a country.  WE ARE CHRISTIANS, WE ARE NOT ASHAMED!

Q:  One song that grab my immediate attention is "Jesus They've Offended Your Name."  In this age of political correctness, the song is particularly poignant.  What's your view about all of this political correctness?

As Christians we are to be more concerned with Biblical correctness than we are political correctness.  Although we have a great respect for our country, our leaders, and our laws, when lines of Biblical correctness are being crossed we are bound to stand and continue to "earnestly contend for the faith".  Also, we have rights as well!  It's simply just not fair the exposure and liberties that are being extended to "other religions" while we as Christians are basically told to be silent.  It's amazing that you can talk about just about anything but when the name of Jesus is mentioned the devil is stirred up!

Q:  The Inspirations have been around since 1964.  What's the secret for the group's longevity?

It's all God!  God started the Inspirations in 1964, and we continue only by the Grace of God!  God has allowed us to maintain the same message, and style for all the years.  

Q:  What are your hopes for this record?  How do you wish this album could impact God's kingdom?

First of all that God gets all the glory!  Then we would love to see folks come to know the Lord as their Savior, and for the saints to be encouraged.  We also hope that this will let everyone know the Inspirations are alive and well and plan on being here and ministering for many years to come.   


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