Dr. Con Campbell on the Value & the Making of the Faith-Based Docu-Series "In Pursuit of Peter"

In Pursuit of Peter

Dr. Con Campbell, Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, takes us on a journey tracing the footsteps of the Apostle Peter in the groundbreaking video series, In Pursuit of Peter. The faith-based docu-series is filmed entirely on location on Israel, Turkey and Rome. Part documentary, part travelogue, this exciting new Bible Study is a six part series on the life of the Apostle Peter. In Pursuit of Peter is available on DVD and digital. 

Campbell is the author of several books on the Greek language and the Apostle Paul, including Paul and Union with Christ, which was the 2014 Christianity Today Book of the Year in Biblical Studies. Campbell is a busy speaker, author, and professionally trained jazz musician. He and his family moved to the United States from their native Australia in 2013.

In Pursuit of Peter follows the 2017 release of In Pursuit of Paul. The upcoming third installment in the series, In Pursuit of John, is scheduled to begin production in May 2018 with an anticipated release date of August 2019.

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Con, tell us a little about yourself and your experience in Christian films?

I'm an Australian living in the US with my family, and am professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I play jazz saxophone, lift weights, and enjoy chess... but not normally at the same time :) In Pursuit of Peter is my second documentary series, with In Pursuit of Paul released last year.  

Q:  Congratulations on the docu-series "In Pursuit of Peter."  Out of all the characters in the Bible, why Peter?

As I mentioned above, we actually began with Paul, which was a more obvious choice since I am a Paul scholar and have long been fascinated by him. With Paul, we pursued someone we felt we knew pretty well. But then it occurred to us that we could next pursue someone like Peter who we don't know as well. We know Peter from the gospels and Acts of course, but what about after that? What did he do? What happened to him? How about his development from fisherman to apostle? Peter is a very interesting character and we thought he would be a great subject for our second series. 

Q: Of all the stories in the Bible about Peter, which is your favorite?  Why?

For sure it is when he reconnects with Jesus in Galilee after Jesus' resurrection. Peter is fishing and a man calls out from the shore. When Peter realizes it is Jesus he jumps straight into the water and swims to him! I love that devotion. And then on the beach Jesus forgives Peter for denying him and reinstates him. I think this I a beautiful life-changing moment for Peter. 

Q: Why did you decide to film at the various locations where Peter once travelled?

There's nothing like being on location to put historical events into perspective. It changed the way you imagine them, and it helps to make it all real in your mind. These events did not just happen in a far away place that we cannot access; they happened in the real world with real people at a real time. Being on location helps to emphasize that. 

Q: From filming this docu-series, what new things did you learn about God and Peter?

I learned to relate to Peter much more than I had before. I used to think I had little in common with him, but now I feel he is the apostle for all people; we can all relate to Peter. He is very human. He makes mistakes, we make mistakes. It also struck me how great God is that he can use ordinary, broken people like Peter to do extraordinary things.

Q:  What is the value of watching this film?  How does this film help us in our faith journey?

I hope people's hearts will be encouraged. I hope they will marvel at God's goodness and his power, and take comfort in the forgiveness of Jesus. 

Q:  After Peter, do you plan to do a film on another Bible character?  If so, who?  And why?

We are filming John this summer! John gives a unique perspective on Jesus as the Lord of glory. We're keen to trace his vision of Jesus and explore the concept of glory and beauty.



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