Kenna Turner West

Kenna Turner West Reflects On Releasing Her Album After Years of Being a Successful Songwriter

Jul 06, 2021

Kenna Turner West, who has been known for penning songs for Jason Crabb, Hillary Scott, Michael English and many others, will be releasing her debut album for Sonlite Records.

New Music

Fresh Listening: New Music from Hillsong Worship, Danny Gokey, Verses, and Church Will Sing

May 23, 2021

This week, Hillsong Worship, Danny Gokey, Verses, and Church Will Sing have all dropped new singles. Here's your chance to catch up withe the latest CCM releases.

Michael Land

Michael Land Explains Why He Sings More than Just Positive Songs

Apr 10, 2021

Michael Land has just released his faith-filled album Standing on Truth.

the guardians

The Guardians “It’s Still Good News” Album Review

Oct 22, 2020

The Guardians have captured the majestic and intimacy of worship judiciously on their latest release. "It's Still Good News," their third outing for StowTown Records, is like their preceding records, it is extremely well-executed.

Endless Highway

Endless Highway “Countless” EP Review

Mar 11, 2020

There are songs you can listen to; and then there are songs that invite you into its narrative world where you can engage, interact, and identify with its protagonists. Endless Highway's brand new EP "Countless" presents passageways into six story songs, where the plots are intriguing and the characters are amicable and endearing.


Passion “Roar (Live)” Album Review

Mar 03, 2020

Passion not only greets the dawn of each new year with their mega conference, but they also accompany their momentous meetings with their live album releases. Each year as the conference gets bigger and bigger in attendance, so does the execution of their album. This year's release is no different. "Roar (Live)" as the titular indicates is a ferocious, impacting and a powerhouse of a record.

Krissy Nordhoff

Krissy Nordhoff Shares Exclusive Insights About Songwriting, Creating a Climate of Songwriting in Church, and More

Mar 02, 2020

Dove Award-winning songwriter Krissy Nordhoff has written worship songs for many popular artists, including Natalie Grant, Mandisa, Darlene Zschech, Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music), Tauren Wells, and Aaron Shust, and for churches including Life.Church and Cross Point Church. In her first book, Writing Worship: How To Craft Heartfelt Songs for the Church, which is now available through David C Cook, Nordhoff invites aspiring and seasoned lyricists on a journey of exploration and skill development because, as she states, "your voice is valued by the King and needed by the church."

The Taylors

The Taylors “Salvation’s Song” Album Review

Feb 26, 2020

"Salvation's Song" isn't just the name of the Taylors' fourth record for StowTown Records. It's also the theme that gels the songs together. This is thus a concept album where all the seven songs revolve around the Gospel and its ramifications in our daily living. In this world darkened by sin's nocturnal powers, this album is such a shinning lodestar.

mack brock

Jesus Culture Teams Up with Mack Brock for "Still in Control"

Feb 19, 2020

Jesus Culture partners with worship leader Mack Brock for the release of their new single "Still in Control."

joseph alvaro

Joseph Alvaro, Executive Producer of "The Lucky Ones," Speaks About Hope After the Death of His Wife & Four Other Family Members

Feb 12, 2020

Joseph Alvaro is the Creator and Executive Producer of The Lucky Ones. An online social and video streaming platform which explores the lives of those we were lucky to have had in our lives.

mark tedder

Mark Tedder On the Power of the Music in Healing & World Missions

Feb 11, 2020

Singer and songwriter Mark Tedder has been making music most of his life. From those early years in Arkansas in the southern United States as a 5 year old, bangingon the drums, music has always played an important role for him.

vertical worship

Listen to Vertical Worship's New Song "Not Done Yet"

Feb 10, 2020

Vertical Worship has released their brand new single "Not Done Yet." This is their lead single from their new album Grace is On Our Side, which will be available on March 13th.

anna benton

Anna Benton on Being a Foster Parent, Her New Record & Making Music that Points Us to the Gospel

Feb 06, 2020

Singer, songwriter and worship leader Anna Benton has released her new EP 'Seasons'. The EP features Benton's powerful new single "I Know a Father," a track inspired by her own process of being a foster parent.

Jodi Essex

Jodi Essex Declares that Rock-N-Roll is Not Dead in Faith-Based Music

Feb 03, 2020

You know the feeling of refusing to do something you feel like you're supposed to do? It is from this place of resistance the song, 'Irreverent', came to be. After years of casually ignoring God's prompting to write faith-based music, Christian-rock artist Jodi Essex is ready to answer it boldly with her breakout single, 'Irreverent'. A fearless declaration, this song invites listeners not to rebel against God's calling, but rather to live for Christ in an authentic way that is unapologetic to the world.

weston skaggs

Weston Skaggs on How His New Record Speaks to Weighty Issues Such as Suffering, Death & Hope

Jan 29, 2020

Old Bear Records recording artist, Weston Skaggs has delivered an incredible piece of work with this new EP titled 'Till I See You Again'.