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South Korea vs Belgium

On Thursday June 26, Belgium is set to square off against South Korea. The Belgian Red Devils are working for a win to secure their first place spot in Group H. A win for Belgium could mean avoiding a match with fierce Germany in the next round. Belgium, the underdog as far as most devoted fans were concerned, was the narrow winner in their early match against Algeria, squeaking by with a 2-1 final score.


South Korea’s Taeguk Warriors were considered one of the favorites of this group at the beginning of the World Cup, as shown by their heart-pounding match against Russia, which ended in a tie and that proved to be one of the most exciting matches so far. Korea, Belgium, and Russia have proven themselves to be fairly equal thus far in the World Cup. South Korea, surely looking for an advance into the next round, will likely need the total possible amount of points in order to surpass Belgium. In order to beat the highly-favored Belgians, they will have to push themselves to play a better game than they did against Russia, where they were pushing 70 minutes and remained at a scoreless draw. Their goals, when they did come, remained far from decisive as they were due to two goalkeeping errors. Although many felt Russia would dominate early on, South Korea came through with the organized playing style they are known for.


South Korea will need to step up to the plate in the match against Belgium and take full advantage of the fact that Belgium will be saving a few key players. Fans are excited to see if South Korea will utilize their quartet of front-running players, including midfielder Sung-Yueng and forward Park Chu-Young, to pull out with their first win ever over Belgium.

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