Hillsong UNITED Releases New Album 'People' Album April 26

hillsong united

Multi-platinum selling Hillsong UNITED will release their highly anticipated new album, People, on April 26th.  Recorded live in Sydney, Australia, UNITED have kept it simple returning to where it all began. It is about people. People you're doing life with. People you're representing. It's about people we are called to reach. Loving our neighbor as ourselves. Where people are united, God commands a blessing, and that's what UNITED, and in particular this project, is purposed to do...

To bring people together from all walks of life and different circumstances - giving everyone a song to sing. This project is for people. Unapologetically returning back to their roots, UNITED demonstrates their utter reliance on God and the fact that we are called to look at life through an uncomplicated lens of loving people. Includes latest new songs from UNITED, As You Find Me, Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) and Good Grace.

The album will feature three tracks which have already been released, including "As You Find Me," "Good Grace" and "Whole Heart."  

UNITED is a worship band that originally rose out of the youth ministry of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. This progressive worship band is a global recording and touring entity sent out to share the ever-evolving worship music of Hillsong Church to an international audience through live performances and records. UNITED desires to see a generation across the earth awakened to real love, rising up with hearts as one and finding value in the broken, hurting and lost connecting with Jesus. 

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