Teressa Mahoney Opens Up About Her Faith, Her Music & Creating New Songs for the Church

Teressa Mahoney

On the heels of her highly-anticipated 2019 release, BeyondTeressa Mahoney releases a new single, Not a Love Story. This song is based on the true story of two people meeting, getting married, and falling in love - in that order. The lilting strings and warm piano, along with the emotionally evocative lyrics enhanced by Teressa's achingly-sweet vocals will make this track a favorite for weddings, anniversaries, and engagement parties. Teressa says, "This is the story of how my parents met, and, really, the story of us all."

It was just two years ago that Teressa's pop-influenced indie/folk EP debut, Made New, burst onto the scene, garnering comparisons to Third Day for its anthemic soundscapes. The Narnia-inspired track Glimpses and Shards hit number one on Tri Lakes Radio's Colorado Peak Sounds, striking a chord with its emphasis on bittersweet hints of heaven.  

Q:  Teressa, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself: tell us a bit about yourself and how did you become a Christian?

I'm a singer/songwriter, photographer, graphic designer, and soap maker from Colorado. Outdoors is my happy place. On as many summer evenings as possible, my family and I invite our neighbors and friends over for live music on the front porch, games of corn hole, food and community.

I was raised by Christians, but as a young adult, I was reluctant to blindly follow their teachings without doing some research on my own. I took several years to wander. During that time I came face to face with my own depravity and became convinced I needed to look outside myself for answers. I now choose to believe in Jesus from personal convictions.

Q:  How did you become a recording artist? 

I knew when I was 4 years old that I wanted to become a singer, but it took a long time before I was ready to record. I am experiencing an awakening that began with a huge heartache a few years ago. The aftermath of that trauma gave me space to begin examining everything about my life-what gets to stay and what needs to go. I have gone from a place where I felt relatively secure and settled in my thinking to a place of wonder with very little room for pre-conceived notions. I have more questions than answers now, and that was pretty scary for a while, but I'm learning to see it more as an exciting adventure than a perilous journey into the unknown. This awakening is the catalyst that led me to start writing and recording songs.

Q:  How would you describe your style of music? 

It's indie singer/songwriter music that tells stories and asks questions. I write the songs on guitar and/or piano. 

Q:  You have recorded Amy Grant's song "1974" and in your bio, you have mentioned Amy's name a couple of times.  Can I assume you are a fan of Amy Grant?  Besides Amy, who are some of the musicians who have had influenced you?

I grew up listening to Amy Grant, and I would definitely say her music helped shape me. I also grew up listening to U2, and I still love them. In my adult years, Andrew Peterson and Audrey Assad have both been influences. I love it when a song makes me cry, so I tend towards music that tells stories or puts words to things that I have always felt and didn't know how to say. I listen to new artists nearly every day, thanks to Spotify. I am currently listening to Jess Ray, Matthew Perryman-Jones and Adam Watts.

Q:  I believe you have a new single "Not a Love Song" out now!  Tell us, what is the song about?  And how did this song come about?

Yes, I released a new single last week called Not a Love Story. This song is about two people who met, got married, and fell in love-in that order. It's the true story of how my parents got together, and, really, the story of us all. The arrangement is very simple with mostly piano and some gorgeous strings. This song is so personal for me because it tells the story that shaped my childhood. The first time I played it for my parents, we were all in tears. They have a beautiful story, and I'm happy for the chance to share it with the world.

I also released an album, Beyond, in March of this year. The songs this album point to circumstances and situations where the veil is thin. Where the invisible is almost palpable. I have been leaning into these kinds of experiences and these songs are my way of exploring the topic. The album has 8 songs, three of which have also been released as singles. (KairosSave Me O God (Psalm 69), and Restore (Psalm 23).)

Q:  Are you currently working on a new album?  Tell us more about some of the songs you have had been working on.

I have recently embarked on a mission to create songs for my church. A few other songwriters and I have started a group we're calling the CommonSong Alliance. I feel that songs from within a church can be instrumental in the healing and mission of the body. This project is at once thrilling and terrifying, because sacred songwriting is a serious responsibility as much as it is a gift.

Q: When do you think the new record will drop?

I hope to have enough songs to release an album in 2020.

Q:  You are currently touring, what can our readers expect when they come out to hear you perform? And where can they find your touring schedule?

My very favorite type of show is a house concert. It's this beautiful time where music helps connect people who started out as strangers. There is a wondrous energy and feeling of togetherness at this type of show. If you ever get the chance to go to one, I highly recommend it. I'm playing as many house concerts as I can this summer and fall.

You can find them listed at I still have some openings if you'd like me to come to your area. I also play at local breweries and restaurants. At those shows you'll hear my songs plus an eclectic mix of covers from artists like U2, Miranda Lambert, Lady Gaga and the Cure.


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