Todd Fields Shares the Story Behind "Doxology (God Be Praised)"

todd fields

Worship leader Todd Fields has released a new reimagined version of the hymn "Doxology."  Re-titled as "Doxology ( God Be Praised)⁣⁣", the song was recorded live at the REST Conference earlier this year and it is available on the Worship Circle Hymns.  The album also features songs led by worship leaders such as Kim Walker-Smith, Kari Jobe, Meredith Andrews, Pat Barrett and others. 

Fields talks about how the song "Doxology (God Be Praised)" came about:⁣⁣ "We all know the original tune...but about three years ago I couldn't get what became the chorus out of my head. It actually ministered to me during a tough season...that the Holy Spirit (God With Us) would always be with me...His life...His resurrection power!⁣⁣

"The verses came soon after just as a reminder that through all of life...praise is appropriate.⁣⁣ We sang it for a year or so at @northpointcommunitychurch and when it came time to record for the @worshipcircle project, it felt like it needed a home there. ⁣⁣"

"We hope this project and these songs remind you that God is with presence...always with you...He cares more about who you're becoming than what you do for Him.⁣" 

Worship Circle is a growing community of worship leaders who are discovering the power of leading from a place of being fully alive in our identity, truly known by others, and sharpened in the skills necessary to lead well. It is our joy and honor to walk with you and help further you in your leadership.  


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