11th Hour's "A Lot with a Little" is Available Now

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11th Hour's brand new album A Lot with a Little is available now. With mighty expressions of worship and quiet moments of surrender, 11th Hour puts a spotlight on what God can do with a little trust and a lot of faith on their latest album, A Lot With A Little. The album is a heartfelt statement of the group members' passion to use their talents to serve the Lord.

A Lot With A Little kicks off on a high note with the title track and first single. With powerful vocals from Amber Eppinette and a high-energy driving feel, "A Lot With A Little" recalls how Jesus made miracles happen without having much to work with, a lesson we can use in our own lives. It doesn't take much to experience God's goodness in life. Eppinette's vocals shine again on "Bring On The Storm," a song about remembering life's trials are about growing in relationships with oneself and God.

11th Hour couples these high-energy songs with others that create peaceful moments of stillness. Led by alto Jaquita Lindsey"Always On His Mind" details how God serves our needs in all areas of life, whether joyful or sad. Later, "How Much Broken Is Enough," describes feelings of desperation, without an end in sight. But don't fear - God is a healer. 

11th Hour's newest member, tenor Logan Smith, shines on "Love Don't" and "Love Leaves A Mark," both about the enduring nature of love, which knows no bounds and will always be present in the world. 

A Lot With A Little shows the range Eppinette, Lindsey and Smith bring to the music they create. With a focus on uplifting the Lord, 11th Hour will inspire audiences to praise and worship with all they have.

Listen to A Lot With A Little HERE.



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