11th Hour Celebrates the Release of Two New Albums with This Exclusive Interview

11th hour

11th Hour is celebrating a busy year with the release of two albums via Sonlite Records. Already available is their brand new Christian release A Lot With A Little . This new album is a heartfelt statement of the group members' passion to use their talents to serve the Lord.  Then coming on October 11 is their Christmas releae The Greatest Gift which features familiar, upbeat and joyful songs that spread the news of Christ's birth. 

Both records showcase the vocals of Amber Eppinette, Jacquita Lindsey and Logan Smith. With a focus on uplifting the Lord, 11th Hour will inspire audiences to praise and worship with all they have.

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us.  You have two albums coming out, a regular Gospel album followed by a Christmas album!  Did you record the two albums at the same time?

Amber: We did not. We actually recorded the Greatest Gift (Christmas) last year. This year is when we recorded A Lot with a Little. 

Jacquita: We recorded the Christmas project at the end of the summer last year. We carried the physical copies on the product table last Christmas but Crossroads has released it digitally this year.  

Q: Let's talk about the regular album first.  Why did you call it "A Lot with a Little"?  

Amber:  There are a few different reasons but mainly because it was our first radio single off of the project and we want to encourage people in their walk with the Lord. To let them know even in the smallest of things God is a BIG God! 

Jacquita: "A Lot With A Little" is the title of a song to n the project that Amber and I wrote along with our friend Nathan Woodard. It's a fun, upbeat song that made it to the title of the whole project.  

Q:  Did you guys approach the making of this new album any differently compared to your previous albums?

Amber: Every album is different but this one more so than the rest. This is probably the most personal album we have ever done. 

Jacquita: This is the first project that the majority of the songs were written by one of the three members of the group. 9 of the 11 have one of us as writers.  

Q:  I notice that the three of you have a hand in writing all the songs except for 2 songs. How was the songwriting process?  Was it easy?  

Amber: Songwriting is never easy. Songwriting isn't just words to us. It's something we've lived. Every word that's penned comes straight from a real life story or circumstance. Our very own testimonies. 

Jacquita: I've written or co-written several songs, Amber has co-written with Kenna West a lot and Logan has started writing with a few people. We all put in songs that we would like to do and then narrowed that list down to the 11 we have.  

Q:  As for your Christmas album, since there are so many good Christmas songs out there, how did you narrow down your choices?

Amber:  This album was a very traditional one with the exception of one "The Greatest Gift" written by Allan Eppinette. We chose by narrowing down what our favorite songs were... whether it be right now or from childhood. 

Jacquita: We went the traditional route for this Christmas project with the exception of one orginal song. It was a quick decision to make the album in effort to have something with Logan on it.  

Q:  You also have an original song on the Christmas album.  Tell us more about the song "The Greatest Gift"?

Amber:  This song was written by my dad, Allan Eppinette. I was just a little baby when he wrote it. We surprised him for his birthday and told him we were recording it. 

Q:   In the making of these two records, how has your faith been deepened or challenged?

Amber: It's been deepened and challenged. God knows exactly what we need at all times. It may not be what we want but it's ALWAYS what we need. The messages of these songs really put things and people into perspective for us. 

Jacquita: My relationship with the Lord is constantly growing as I learn that I absolutely can not do life on my own. I've tried a few times and failed miserably. Without Him, I'll fail every time. But when I put my every step in His hand, mountains will move and valleys will seem sweet because I know He's working all things for my good. 




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