Bethel Music's Kalley Heiligenthal Responds to All Who Had Prayed for the Resurrection of Her Daughter

Olive Heiligenthal

For the first time since the death of two year-old Olive Heiligenthal, Olive's mother and Bethel Music's Kalley Heiligenthal has publicly responded. Olive died on December 14 after she stopped breathing. Following Olive's death, Kalley put out a call to believers worldwide asking for prayer for the resurrection of her daughter.  However, after almost two weeks of intense praying and worship, Olive did not rise from the dead.  On Friday, December 27, 2019, Bethel Church and its community gathered for the funeral of Olive. 

Kalley has nothing but thanks to all who have prayed with them through this trying ordeal.  "We cannot begin to gather the words for a proper thank you to everyone who has supported us in countless ways this last month with wild generosity of heart and resources."

However, Kalley is not disappointed. Rather, she is filled with peace and comfort. "We feel so surrounded by you, have inexplicable peace and as we profoundly feel the vacancy of our perfect Olive lady here with us, we are comforted by the tenderness and radical nearness of Jesus. He is good, I've never been more sure of it. Thank you for the prayers, for standing alongside us, for taking Jesus at His mighty word with us."

Kalley express no regrets rather she felt spiritually awakened.  "We have no regret or remorse for trusting Jesus and are emboldened by the awakening He is breathing into the earth. We are brimming with hope in His complete and final victory, in awe of the beauty that is the Church, and we are pressing in, full speed ahead for all He has. We will contend for abundant life here, for heaven on earth until we see our little girl again. We're only getting started singing life over dry bones."

The worship music community contines to show their prayers and support for the family.  Darlene Zschech writes: "Yes girl ... we are all here for you and with you... across the earth you are leading us all in radical faith... we are all in xxx love you guys so much." 

Similarly, Christine D'Clario encourages: "You're such a valiant and mighty queen. Thank you for being an epitome of trust in God for our generation. Our family carries on in prayer for yours. Love you so much!"    


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