Ellie Holcomb to Release Her Second Book “Don’t Forget to Remember”

Ellie Holcomb

Ellie Holcomb, renowned singer-songwriter and bestselling author of "Who Sang The First Song?," is releasing her second book titled "Don't Forget to Remember(March 2020, B&H Publishing Group).

In "Don't Forget to Remember," Holcomb uses rhyme and beauty to remind young readers of comforting truths from God. When they see snowflakes fall, they can remember that God made each person as one of a kind. If they hear the waves crash to shore again and again, they'll recall that God's love never runs out. High and low, on sad days and glad days, creation reminds us that God's love is ever-present. Holcomb ends her comforting reminder with a message for hearts young and old: "And even on days you forget what is true, don't forget to remember God won't forget you."

"This book was largely inspired by Psalm 19, which says, 'The heavens declare the glories of God,'" said Holcomb. "I hope 'Don't Forget To Remember' will help children and the adults in their lives pay attention to the beautiful song creation sings each day. There are countless clues that point us to the truth, and my hope is that this book will be like a treasure map to help us all discover and remember the wonders of God's love for us."

Holcomb will also release another children's EP to accompany the book on February 21, titled "Sing: Remembering Songs." The songs on "Sing" are rooted in Scripture to remind children (and adults) of how God created the earth to remind us of his love.

Holcomb's first book, "Who Sang the First Song?" (October 2018, B&H Publishing Group), spent several months on the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) juvenile bestseller list and was a finalist for Christian Book of the Year in the children's category. 

"I hope 'Don't Forget to Remember' will start many conversations about what really matters at the end of the day," said Holcomb. "My dream is that this book will be like a campfire to gather around each night, and that it will warm each heart with the light of God's love for them."

Holcomb partnered once again with illustrator Kayla Harren, who worked with her to create the illustrations for "Who Sang the First Song?"

"Sharing the creative process with Ellie Holcomb is nothing short of delightful; she conveys not only her lyrical and musical talents but also an instinctive joy and an intense love for the Lord," said Michelle Freeman, B&H Kids Publisher. "Readers will feel that joy and love in the pages of 'Don't Forget to Remember,' which no doubt will soon be recited and sung by many little voices."

B&H is supporting the book with national marketing and publicity campaign. Each pre-order will also include a LifeWay exclusive, jacketed hardcover copy of "Who Sang the First Song?" For more information, visit



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