10 Best Worship Songs 2020 (A Half Yearly Review)

10 Best Worship Songs

At the start of 2020, nobody would have suspected that our world would have been so much different because of the onslaught of COVID-19. However, virus and pandemic, can only uproot our joy to a new zip code. The pandemic has taught us that our joy is not found in our health and environment.  Rather, it is rooted in the beauty of Jesus Christ and his cross. 2020 has not stopped but has produced more worship songs to celebrated this joy in Christ.  Here are our favourites, thus far:

10.  Mosaic MSC "Dreams"

A weirdo as far as titulars go, the song is actually not about dreams.  Rather, it's a simple yet profound ballad of gratitude for the grace of Jesus.  The chorus set on repeat is sweet, powerful, hypnotic and so powerful.

9. Elevation Worship featuring Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes "The Blessing"

What started out as a spontaneous moment turns out to be a great declaration of scripture over our circumstances.  Sometimes all you need is not to reinvent the wheel, but simply sing Scripture.  This is a song Moses and the Holy Spirit would be proud of. 

8. Matt Redman featuring Brandon Lake "We Praise You"

"Praise is be the weapon that silences the enemy..." Worship is not just about singing songs, it's declaring war against Satan and his evil schemes.  This is a powerful ammunition for these troubled times. 

7. Philippa Hanna "You're Still God"

Hanna's "You're Still God" gets at the root of all anxieties.  We are not God, but Jesus is.  A simple truth that takes a lifetime to learn.

6. David and Nicole Binion "Pour It Out"

David Binion's gravelly vocals has that gravitas to it that you can't help but be moved. Complemented by Nicole's soaring soprano, this is the perfect worship song of self-surrender to Jesus.

5. Bethel Music featuring Brian and Jenn Johnson "By the Grace of God"

No one can ever dispute the eternal quality of John Newton's "Amazing Grace."  This one comes close and bears qualities that almost stand toe-to-toe with Newton's classic.  

4. Citizens "Altogether Good"

Recorded over iphone, don't let the demo quality of this powerful ballad deter you.  The stark contrast between our helplessness and God's gracious ways have never been more powerfully depicted.  

3. Darlene Zschech and Here Be Lions "I Speak Jesus"

We can never get enough songs about Jesus. This song which speaks about proclaiming the name of Jesus on the mountains and in the streets is just prophetic.  

2.  Steffany Gretzinger "No One Ever Cared for Me like Jesus"

What is Godliness? Let this be the answer: Let my children tell their children/Let this be their memory/That all my treasure was in heaven/And you were everything to me.

1. Bethel Music featuring  Jenn Johnson "Sing His Praise Again (Oh My Soul)" 

Play this song once and you'll get hooked.  The bridge is just so infectious and so true: Remember how our God has never failed, never failed us/Remember that His name will make a way, He'll make a way.



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