You Can Download John Mark McMillan's "Basement Sessions Volume 2" for FREE or for Any Price

John Mark McMillan

Singer and songwriter John Mark McMillan has released Basement Sessions Volume 2. The new EP is available for download and you can "choose your own price". If you're in a difficult financial situation, then have it for free! If your'e doing good... you can purchase it at any price you choose.

You can download the EP here.

The Basement Sessions are raw acoustic performances from the live videos that McMillan had filmed during his time in quarantine. Each track features a single take using a single microphone. These are completely unedited, and only lightly mastered for consistency. McMillan writes: "I hope you enjoy the second installment of these super raw and intimate moments that I captured during lockdown."

McMillan's single "How He Loves" was recently listed by Integrity Music as one of the 25 most influential worship songs in the past 25 years and still today ranks on CCLI's Top 25 chart. John Mark McMillan is proud to be an ambassador for World Vision and an advocate for its work in Bahkari, India.  

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