RICHLIN Releases New Video "Love Like Thunder"


Gotee Records release the brand new video of  "Love Like Thunder," from RICHLIN. Also featuring label mate Ryan Stevenson, "Love Like Thunder" was shot in scenic Summer Lake, Oregon. The song, which is already Top 40 on Billboard Christian Airplay and Top 30 on the Mediabase Christian Audience chart, is also receiving national airplay from networks such as Air1 and WayFM. 

"I sat down to write a song one day and I thought man, we have such a grasp on the love of God,"  RICHLIN says about writing "Love Like Thunder." "The love of God is peaceful and it surpasses knowledge and understanding, but I wanted to write a song that talked about how forceful the love of God really is. It shakes the skies, shakes the seas, and yet it's so personal that it touches my heart, touches your heart." 

Gotee Records is also proud to share that RICHLIN's song "Royal Blood," released earlier this year, received a GMA Dove Award nomination for Rock/Contemporary Song of the Year, his first Dove Awards nomination. RICHLIN was also selected by Pandora for its Top 20 Predictions Artists for 2020 among many global mainstream artists.

"I'm so proud and excited to introduce RICHLIN to the world," shares Ryan Stevenson. "We both grew up in tiny little farming communities in Southern Oregon and have been close friends for many years. I've watched him grow and mature over the years and I know that his heart is rooted and established in the deep things of the Lord. It's been a huge honor to be able to bring him into my music/label family and to see him become aligned with such an amazing team. His heart and music is a mere reflection of his time spent in the secret place, cultivating a fire of intimacy with the King of Kings. Not only am I excited to see his music impact the world, but I'm equally excited to see his infectious heart and personality minister to everyone who hears and meets him!" 


A southern Oregon boy from the ranch town of Paisley, population maybe 250, RICHLIN, whose real name is Brandon Richardson, is the son of a rancher and farmer's daughter who served as a worship leader from his earliest teen years. He openly listened to CCM and country music, yet privately consumed the 90's-era hip-hop culture. He was both a basketball player and a drummer. Even with all of the things that define his upbringing-and, in some ways, even his current life-if there's one word that would sum him up succinctly and poetically it would have to be "paradox."

Here's a man who has a genuine heart for Christ and, also-thanks to his biblical literature collegiate education-a profound knowledge of the Scriptures (something that he says has developed him into a solid songwriter). Here's an individual who makes no qualms about the fact that he wants to "facilitate an encounter with the presence of God" via his art and his life-and yet, upon first listening to his music, you'd probably be caught totally off-guard. In many ways, his voice is reminiscent of a favorite alt-rock artist, while his sound is progressively haunting. Definitely not something you'd expect from a CCM fan, a country music enthusiast, or a hip-hop head.

"I want to craft and produce art that's vertical, but say it and produce it in a way that's reaching a different demo," RICHLIN explains about his music. "I want to create something that is synergistic with reaching people in their 20's and people in their 50's. I don't even know if it's possible, but I want to go after it and it's in my heart." 

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