You Can Be Part of Elias Dummer's Upcoming New Album "The Work Vol. 2"


Former lead singer of the City Harmonic Elias Dummer is currently working on his fortncoming new album The Work Vol. 2.  The songs on this record have come after many hours of thoughts, prayers, and reflection.

Dummer reveals: "A lot of troubling stuff has come to the surface in the Church and it feels like God's been stirring some thoughts in me that I've got share. I feel an incredible urgency to turn these prayers of wrestling into songs for the Church. I believe that the Christian faith can and must be a thing of passion and reason alike - it's time to re-learn to love God and engage the world with heart, soul and mind. I'm very hopeful these songs will help in that."   

Though Dummer has yet to reveal who he will be collaborating with but he promises he will be working with others for this new project. "While it's possible to record an entire album at home by myself, it rarely leads to the best product. I'm dying to collaborate more on this record, and after a season where many have struggled to make ends meet, I'd love to honor some of these incredible musicians I love financially through this project by getting more people involved."

Fans can help make the recording project come true by in a couple of ways.

1. Financial Support - There are a ton of great options at every price point, so there are plenty of ways to get involved and even potential for a private virtual show of your own. What's more, every tier affords you the opportunity to sing on the record (if you'd like) and it starts as low as $1! Support Financially here.

2. Spread the Word - I'm a Geeky indie worship artist who isn't part of a mega-church network. I have really only two things that make a difference, God, and you. If my work has been meaningful to you, whether as a solo artist or The City Harmonic, it would mean the world if you'd share about this campaign.

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