Christine Caine Helps Us Navigate Through the Seasons of Life with New Book

Christine Caine

Bestselling author, speaker and activist, Christine Caine, announces the release of her upcoming book "How Did I Get Here? Finding Your Way Back to God When Everything is Pulling You Away." The title (available June 8, 2021 via Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins) helps readers who feel things aren't quite right in their life figure out how they ended up where they are, learn how to course-correct, and offers tips to ground themselves in their faith.

"From politics and government, to morality and normality, to values and beliefs, to right and wrong, to truth and facts-everything seems to be shifting," said Christine Caine. "We need an anchor that will stand the test of time when we find ourselves in an undercurrent of feeling unsettled, faced with troubled feelings and the tugging of anxiety," continued Caine. "God does not disappoint. He will not leave you abandoned or unaided. He never has and He never will."

By sharing her own stories and stories from some of her most cherished friends, Caine's "How Did I Get Here?" helps readers navigate the unwelcomed and unwanted seasons of life by providing insight into some of life's most pressing questions, such as:

-          What do you do when everything seems chaotic, volatile, and unpredictable?

-          What do you do when everything that once was certain seems so uncertain?

-          How should you respond when everything that can be shaken is being shaken? 

Featuring a combination of funny, touching, and powerful commentary, Caine lays out what she has learned about staying the course when you're feeling untethered through navigating her own unwelcomed and unwanted season. She guides us to:

  • Learn the questions to ask about our relationships with God, with others, and with our own hearts to stay continually anchored despite the world's shifting currents.
  • Discover how to trust God more deeply by moving from a "what if?" kind of faith to an "even if" kind of faith.
  • Identify nine signs we are drifting off course and learn how to reposition ourselves to get back on track.
  • Wrestle honestly with life's hard questions so we can respond faithfully to all the ways God answers, including the times when it feels like He doesn't.

"I've done my best to capture the insights and understanding God has given me so I can pass them on to you," says Caine. "I haven't discovered all the answers. However, in looking back, I can see how God moved me forward, allowing me to stay on point to fulfill the purpose He placed inside of me. 'How Did I Get Here?' shows what I have discovered about the places where we all walk from time to time and the place where I'm walking now. It's a new place. A peaceful place. One that includes staying on mission and launching the next adventure. One where I sleep better than ever, no matter where I lay my head."



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