Jenna Parr Talks About How the Book of Hosea Inspired Her New Song "The Runaway"

Jenna Parr

Jenna Parr is a rising Christian Rock artist creating music inspired by her faith and her love of 70's, 80's, and 90's rock. Parr has returned with the release of her new single "The Runaway" (listen HERE).  She also has a new album and live worship EP in the works, and will be releasing a live streaming concert soon. 

Parr talks about the story behind her new song. "One day while reading the book of Hosea, I was inspired to write the song "The Runaway". I realized how much we can relate to that story, even in today's time. Just like Hosea's wife, Gomer, we try to run away from God sometimes. We make our own plans, and we think we know what's best. Luckily, God is like Hosea, and He always comes after us. In fact, He never even left us in the first place. No matter how often we try to run away from God, He is always right there with us, and He never gives up on us." 

Her unique style of rock music has landed her high in the Christian Rock charts with her breakout singles."Made for This" eached the top 40 on the charts and is the title track of her 2020 album.

"Break Me" reached a high of #11 on the national Christian Music Weekly (CMW) chart. It was #1 for 8 weeks straight and voted Song of the Year on "Those Eyes" also reached #11 on CMW and was #1 on for 5 weeks straight. 

Parr got her start leading worship at her home church in the small town of Blackshear, Georgia. She grew up in church and always took every chance she could get to perform. Around age 13, she gave her heart to the Lord, and by 15, she was pursuing a professional music career. At 17, she put out her first EP, and the following year, she graduated Salutatorian of her graduating class. Enduring much backlash, she chose to continue her music career full time instead of going to college.

In May of 2017, Parr released her first EP titled God's Got This. The title track was inspired by Charlotte Young, the pastor's wife at Jenna's church. Charlotte battled cancer for several years, and throughout that time, she coined the phrase 'God's Got This.' Her positive attitude during this period influenced Jenna to write a song about her story and share it around the world. The song "God's Got This" was released to radio in May 2018, made an appearance on multiple Christian charts, and was played on radio stations across the U.S. and overseas.

Jenna Parr's career grew immensely in 2020 with the release of her album, Made For This. This album signaled her successful departure from CCM to Christian Rock. Combining hard rock and metal influences with Parr's signature singing and writing styles, this album gained a lot of attention and support on many Christian Rock radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.

Since the start of her music career, Jenna Parr has been a part of many tours and festivals throughout the U.S. She's also been fortunate enough to play alongside Building 429, Manafest, Micah Tyler, JJ Weeks, 7eventh Time Down, Stars Go Dim, Adelaide, As We Are, We Are Vessel, Caitie Hurst, Lydia Laird, Forsaken Hero, Boiling Point, and Skylee Shea.

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