First-Ever Spanish Language Audio Bible Voiced Entirely by Women Begins Taping

Courage For Life

Courage For Life founder and executive director, and inspirational author, Ann White kicked off Women's History Month by launching production on the world's first complete audio Bible in Spanish, narrated entirely by women.

The Spanish-language female-voiced version comes on the heels of CFL's history-making app, which features the first complete audio Bible (New Living Translation) narrated entirely by women. Initially created to bring comfort to incarcerated women who may find male voices triggering due to past trauma, the app has earned nearly 6,000 downloads outside of the correctional system since its December 1, 2020 release.

The CFL female-voiced audio Bible (in English) is currently available for all incarcerated people within the Georgia and Missouri Departments of Corrections, at no cost to the incarcerated population or to the departments.

"There have been more than 30,000 downloads from both our female and male population since October 2019," says Timothy Ward, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections. "With only 3,800 female offenders in our custody we have been surprised that so many of our male offenders have downloaded the audio Bible. I can't thank Courage For Life enough for what they've done for these women, moms, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers that are in our custody."

Missouri's Department of Corrections reports more than 4,600 downloads in just over one month, and Florida's Department of Corrections will be coming online soon.

Women's voices tend to be perceived as soothing, nurturing and peaceful. According to AdWeek Media/Harris Poll, 92% of American adults were soothed by a female voiceover versus male, while a CXL Institute study reports participants found female narration significantly more trustworthy.

The entire audio Bible (Old and New Testaments) is available through Apple and Android platforms. Search "Courage For Life Audio Bible" in the app store or text BIBLE to 62953 for more information on how to download this free resource.

Courage For Life's female-voiced Spanish language audio Bible is slated for release in Fall 2021.

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About Ann White:
Ann White is an internationally known author, speaker, passionate Bible teacher, part-time missionary, Christian talk show host, and Executive Director of Courage For Life.

She founded her global ministry, Courage For Life, out of a calling to share with others how God and His Word brought restoration to her life and marriage. In her book, Courage For Life, she shares with transparency a message of restoration, hope, healing and how to walk in God-given courage in the face of fear.

Ann's message is not only practical, but she gives clear Scripture-based direction that not only inspires change but practical advice on how to make those changes.

Ann has published inspirational books, leadership curriculum, a 90-Day devotional, and Bible studies. Her book, Courage For Life has a companion Study Guide to help people take a deeper dive into God's Word and learn hands-on. Ann recently released the Courage For Life Bible App - the first of its kind Women's NLT Audio Bible and will soon be releasing the Courage For Life NLT Study Bible in print.

Find out more about Ann at, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at AnnWhiteCFL, and download the Audio Bible App today in your app store or at

About Courage For Life:

Ann White's "Courage for Life" is just the beginning for the Marietta, Georgia woman whose goal is to make sure women's voices and needs are heard and met. "When we study God's Word, we see God for who he truly is and sincerely grasp how much he loves us," says Ann, whose book and companion workbooks detail, in easily digestible fashion, simple steps for learning how to embrace and incorporate God into everyday life.

"I'd tried everything on my own to fix my life, my circumstances, and everyone around me. I never considered fixing myself because I didn't have that view: I couldn't see the forest for the trees," she recalls. With the help of God's Word and a Godly counselor, Ann overcame the obstacles of her past and for the first time, fully embraced her true freedom in Christ Jesus.

Her experience spurred her to write the Scripture-driven Courage for Life, which is "the book that I needed to read - but that I couldn't find" says Ann. It includes seven practical steps that make up the word 'COURAGE,' the steps Ann took that completely changed her life.

The need to have resources available to help women build their relationship with God drives her to create such things as the first female-voiced audio Bible, entering a field that includes about 3,000 male-voiced versions, she says. The female voice is important to her mission, which has reached behind bars as well as in church pews. "One thing in working with at-risk women, it's important to use gender-specific treatment. You don't put a woman who may have been traumatized by a man with a male counselor or a male-voiced program."

In addition, she is currently working with Tyndale House Publishers on a "Women's Study Bible," printed volume with the bottom part of each page containing lessons to inspire thought, discussion and practical application. "We should be sharing God and his word, teaching other people, and inspiring life change. Everyone needs a daily dose of God-given Courage For Life!" says Ann.

"God is waiting, arms open wide, saying 'I don't care who you are or what you've done, just come to me.'" 

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