Rory Feek Pays Tribute to his Late Wife Joey with "One Angel"

Rory Feek

Rory Feek pays tribute to his late wife Joey with his touching new song "One Angel." Joey Feek was laid to rest in a private service at the couple's farm in Pottsville, Tenn., on March 8, 2016 after loosing a battle with cervical cancer. 

"One Angel" was written by Sandy Emory Lawrence, a songwriter and close friend of the couple who penned its lyrics as an outlet for her frustration and anger about the chemotherapy and radiation that Joey endured before her death.

"A year or so after Joey passed away, Sandy sent me a song in an email that just said, '... I had to get this song out of me to come to peace with the loss of my friend.' I've probably listened to the song a hundred times since then," Feek explains of "One Angel" in a new blog post sharing the song's origins. "And I understand her feelings. Although I think I fall on the side of gratitude most of the time, I have had moments of frustration that only leave me with more questions."

Listen to "One Angel" HERE.

"One Angel" is also included in the tracklist of Roey's upcoming album Gentle Man. With Gentle Man, Rory tells stories that are familiar to him as they are to many-those of everyday life in a small town, heartbreak, healing, and salvation. "The Times They Are A-Changin'," one of Dylan's most famous anthems, was written amidst turbulent times that have echoed loudly through recent weeks and months. In Rory's hands, the song resonates with profound meaning both personal and universal. It's a reminder of the constant current of relentless change that sweeps everyone along... and the way that time and the search for truth and meaning impacts us all.

Set for release via Gaither Music on June 18th, a week before Father's Day, Gentle Man marks the musician's first album release since the loss of his wife, Joey, to cancer in 2016. It's also the singer-songwriter's first-ever solo album. He's not alone, however; on Gentle Man, Rory welcomes some of his closest friends and fellow musicians to join him, including Vince Gill.



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