Emilie Weiss Releases New Album "A Song of Ascent (Deluxe)"

Emilie Weiss

Emilie Weiss, formally of SEU Worship, recently joined Gospel Song Records. Weiss has just released her album A Song of Ascent (Deluxe). the album features 12 songs, including two live tracks. Listen to her "Heaven's King (Live)" HERE

Listing John Mark McMillan, Steffany Gretzinger and Sara Groves as inspiration, Emilie Weiss has beautifully captured the intricacies of authentic, intimate worship across this record, whilst creatively pushing each song in to a place it truly blossoms. At a young age, Weiss collected her skills-a decade of classical piano training, a knack for penning lyrics, and the willingness to sing-and offered them to a church short-staffed on worship team volunteers. 

You can download or stream the album HERE.


01. Father
02. Reveling Heart
03. Heaven's King
04. Altar
05. A Song of Ascent
06. Nothing Is Hidden
07. Father (Unplugged)
08. Reveling Heart (Redux)
09. Heaven's King (Live)
10. Altar (Live)
11. A Song of Ascent (Reprise)
12. Nothing Is Hidden (Unplugged) 

Emilie Weiss - A Song of Ascent (Deluxe) (2021) 

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