Rita Springer Issues a Wake-Up Call with Her New Duet with Francesca Battistelli

Rita Springer

Rita Springer is back with a brand new duet with Francesca Battistelli. "Thy Kingdom Come" was written by Springer together with Mia Fieldes and Ben Cantelon. Featuring the first-class production by Jeremy Edwardson, the song is a wake-up call to the church that we are not just citizens of this world, we belong to the community of the Almighty God. 

Springer reflects: "The Kingdom of God is why we live and breathe and have our being. The hope of the WORLD is Jesus. Not a president or a politician. As we pray today remember HE hears your heart and your cry! He is a God of restoration and we need to be a people of repentance! In Repentance and rest is our salvation. Today lift your hearts and honor God over our nation! Keep God at the center of your heart and your hope. There is a shifting. Let's us be stirred for the Kingdom of God and the power of heaven to invade earth! #jesusisking."

Springer goes on to talk about how the song came about: "In the fall of September 2019 I was asked by my pastor, Steve Berger, to write a song about the returning of our hearts back to the things of God. The Governor of Tennessee had declared a day in October to be a day of fasting and prayer. We gathered that day in Nashville and Francesca Battistelli joined in to sing it with me. With all the country has been through, we need hope and encouragement to refocus our hearts back to God and ask that his presence meet us again!" 

Listen to the song HERE.

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