Darlene Zschech's "You Are Love" Turns 10

Darlene Zschech

Internationally renowned worship leader Darlene Zschech's iconic album You Are Love turns 10 this year. Released in September of 2011, the album features worship standards such as "Under Grace," "You Are Love," and "I Will Wait." Here are 7 facts about the record that you may not know about the album.

1. The album was Zschech's first release since leaving Hillsong Church

You Are Love was released nine months after Zschech bidded farewell to the Australian mega-church after serving there for 25 years. During her tenure at Hillsong, the church blosoom from a surburban church into its mega-status today. Zschech not only fronted Hillsong's earlier recordings, she also wrote songs such as "Shout to the Lord," "At the Cross," and "Worthy is the Lamb." 

2. The album featured Israel Houghton as a producer and a co-writer.

In a couple of years after You Are Love, Zschech was going to work with Israel Houghton for her career-defining album Revealing Jesus. However, Zschech's first few co-writes with Houghton first surfaced on You Are Love.

3. The album charted on Billboard's Christian Album chart.

Zschech has managed to place 5 of her own solo albums on Billboard's Christian Album chart. You Are Love charted for one week at the position of 46 in September of 2011. 

4. Hillsong's Marty Sampson co-produced and mixed one of the tracks on the album.

Marty Sampson, who has been a worship leader and songwriter of Hillsong, mixed and co-produced the Australian mix of the album's single "Under Grace." Years later, Sampson walked away from his own Christian faith and the church. 

5. Darlene Zschech sang about her work with Hope Rawanda.

For years Darlene and her husband have had been involvd in helping the poor and disadvantaged in Rawanda. She put her vision down in the song "Hope for Humanity."

6. Zschech included a re-cut of a Hillsong Worship song on the album.

"Cry of the Broken"  (written by Zschech) was originally found on Hillsong Worship's God is Able album. This is also Zschech finally song she wrote for a Hillsong Worship project. 

7. There is a deluxe version of the album that features 3 more songs recorded live.

Zschech recorded the songs "It is You," "Worthy is the Lamb/I Cry Out to You," and "Yours Forever" live at HopeUC.  This was the first time Zschech recorded at her new home church.


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