TJ Dairo Describes "Alive Forever" As the Expression of the "Bedrock of My Faith"

Tj Dairo

UK-based Nigerian Gospel artist, producer and musical director Tj Dairo is back with his brand new single "Alive Forever." Tj Dairo has turned a popular Nigerian worship song 'He's Alive' into an alternative pop-rock and modern contemporary offering in 'Alive Forever' that testifies of the resurrection of Christ and the significance of Jesus' victory over death for us. 

"Alive Forever," says Dairo, has a nostaglic element in it. He explains: "The nostalgia of the past when we would sit on plastic chairs in the church clapping and praising God insome cases with only the congas and tambourines inspired me to write additional lyrics, melody and musical instrumentation to bring a new, vibrant and deeper interpretation of the song."

This song is deeply personal to Dairo, he describes the lyrics as words that spell out the bedrovk of his faith. "The song is energetic and full of life but yet strong on its core message which is the bedrock of my faith.The message is that despite the challenges we may face today or in the future, we have hope for tomorrow, because He still lives". 

Listen to "Alive Forever" here.

Born into one of the most revered musical dynasties in Nigeria, the legendary Dairo family, musichas always played an important role in Tj Dairo's life. He draws his influences from Gospel greats like CeCe Winans, Panam Percy Paul, Fred Hammond, Graham Kendrick, Israel Houghton, Ron Kenoly and Michael W Smith. Dairo has worked and performed with the likes of Blue, II Divo,Simon Webb, Steve Mac, Michelle Williams, Graham Kendrick and Paul Dairo among others.





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