Becca VanDerbeck Talks About the Challenges & Hopes in the Making of "Sacred"

Becca VanDerbeck

Storyteller, singer, and songwriter Becca VanDerbeck has released her brand new EP. Sacred finds VanDerbeck putting her signature touches to ancient hymns such as "His Eye Is On The Sparrow," "What A Friend," and "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus."  VanDerbeck infuses her singer-songwriter's honest vulnerability into each hymn with a sense of collective courage and steadfast optimism. 

VanDerbeck started making the record in January of last year. She recalls: "I remember feeling like God was bringing these songs to mind over and over again with divine intention. I couldn't escape them. starting in March, our church community would declare these timeless truths together each week at the end of our worship sets and every time, there would be a shift in the room. singing hymns during the onset of the pandemic for our local church body became a bit of a respite for us in light of all the uncertainty coronavirus was throwing our way. and then, some really kind and generous folk from our RCC family kindly offered to help me make this EP as a gift to our community. 2020 was quite the year for everyone- everywhere I turned people I loved were facing loss after loss after loss. and to be honest with you..."

The pandemic and VanDerbeck's own struggles with anxieties made the recording sessions challening. "I was drowning. the week before I went into the studio, I was diagnosed with anxiety+depression. 2020 threw us all some really hard blows. sucker punch after sucker punch and I was struggling to keep my lungs inflated (literally). I remember my alarm going off the morning I was supposed to meet @mattheathmusic at the studio. I almost cancelled. everything was hard. my house was a wreck. getting out of bed was a whole days worth of task and mustering up the faith to even say some of these lyrics out loud truly felt impossible...".

Nevertheless, what gave VanDerbeck strength was the timeless truths of these hymns. "I'm so glad I got out of bed that day. because these songs have felt like an anchor in a hurricane. something sturdy to stand on when I can't see ahead. peace to my bones when I feel like I'm breaking."

VanDerbeck hopes this EP will also strengthen us in our faith, giving us the strength to continue to walk with Jesus. "I hope they provide the same to you in this next season. sorry it took me so long to get them to you, but thanks for streaming and sharing and all the likes and comments with such consistent love and encouragement. your voices are like a life-raft."

Listen to "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" here. 


1. Tis So Sweet / Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
2. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
3. What A Friend
4. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
5. It Is Well
6. How Great Thou Art 


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