White Stone Receivers Offer Exclusive Insights into their Current Song "Thank You Jesus (You're the Treasure)"

Scott McKeown

White Stone Receivers, led by Scott McKeown, has recently released their new single "Thank You Jesus (You're the Treasure)." The song is taken from their debut EP Songs For The Wilderness which will be released on 7th May via 7Core Music. McKeown has taken the time to talk about the song: how it came about and what the song means to him.

"Thank You Jesus (You're the treasure)' was written after 'forsaken' as a natural flow out or response to remembering Jesus and letting His cross-work really drive home in my soul.

As a result it felt right to place the song on the EP after forsaken (it is track 4 of 6)! This song can be used as a prayer and is simple because at its core, the Christian walk with God is is a life lived out of thankfulness to God, thankfulness and gratitude is the bedrock of obedience....everything comes from a heart of thankfulness! If salvation is a gift (and it is, it's not a right or something God 'owes' us!), I/we should be thankful for the gift!

The song gives Jesus, our waymaker, His place. "Blessing, honour, glory, power are unto His name. Jesus is our shepherd, master, servant saviour, our lover of souls"!

When we acknowledge this, then the chorus makes sense..."There's no other name on the earth, that can redeem all we've lost"....Jesus is the way through which God has allowed fellowship/friendship/partnership with Him is His-story possible!

The bridge was written to remind me that heaven IS NOT the treasure, Jesus is the treasure! It is because of Jesus and His death conquering love for us that we get to be with Him at all! Heaven is the place where we will live with Him, but for me that is completely secondary to being with Jesus full stop!

I am so glad to be part of God's plan in redemption for creation, Jesus made it possible, so once again, "Thank You Jesus!"

I pray this song enables listeners to discover or rediscover who Jesus is and what His sacrifice on the cross has is easy to get over-familiar with the words of the good news about Jesus. I trust this song helps us to refocus on the fact that it is Jesus Himself we are all heading toward, He is the treasure, He makes this walk possible, He is the be-all and end-all, His name is the only one that matters, ever. When I remember and worship from that position, I see God's immensity and I am always blown away that He chooses and uses us as part of His redemption plan for creation!"

You can listen to "Thank You Jesus (You're the Treasure)" here.




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