Endless Highway Reveals Why "Come Home" is their Strongest Album Yet

Endless Highway

Endless Highway, the musical ministry of the Griggs family, returns on May 7th with their brand new album Come Home. The new record is a diverse and compelling work that proclaims faith and encourages hope. Produced by multi-awarded and 3-time GRAMMY®-nominated Wayne Haun for Skyland Records, the selection of songs includes the compelling and powerfully gentle, radio single "He Rescued Me" and the upbeat and snappy "Take It From Here." 

The album is now available for pre-order, add and save ahead of its May 7 release. 

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us. How have you been during this pandemic?

We weathered the pandemic ok. Only one of us contracted COVID and thankfully, it was a very mild case and symptoms only lasted about 3 days. We were very fortunate compared to many others! Endless Highway had over 70 cancellations in 2020, which had a great financial impact on the ministry, but God proved Himself faithful once again and we never missed a payment! God provided through the gifts of gracious men and women and we had enough engagements to pay all the bills and keep the ministry going. We are grateful!

Q: Let's talk about your new album. Why did you guys entitle the album "Come Home"?

Once the album was completed, we had the opportunity to listen to the songs numerous times to decide an order for the songs on the project. Knowing that we also needed to decide on a title, we thought "Come Home" was appropriate based on the song, "Come Home Kind of God." We want to call all prodigals to come home, all Christians who have been hurt to come home, and to invite everyone without a relationship with Christ to find a new life and a new home in Jesus Christ.

Q: When you were making this album, did you approach this album any different compared to your previous releases?

Yes and no. This is our 4th project on the Skyland/Crossroads label. Our Crossroads family allowed us to "step out of the box" from the norm and bring in Wayne Haun to produce this project. We believe that quality is timeless and our goal for any project is quality; quality in strong lyrical content and quality in musical and vocal production. We always work really hard to communicate with great writers to find the best material for a project.

We brought about half of the material for this project and Wayne Haun brought the other half. Wayne Haun taught us a great lesson in choosing songs for the project. Wayne taught us to choose songs that convey a lyrical message in a way that hasn't already been recorded 20 times over or to choose a lyric that conveys an old message in a new, unique way.

Q: With Wayne Haun as the producer, what do you most appreciate about Wayne's contribution to the record?

There are a few things. First of all, we were able to witness firsthand that he is a master of his craft and there is a reason that he is a multi-awarded producer. We truly appreciated Wayne's humbleness on the day we tracked music. Wayne would pass out the music charts, play the demo for the musicians, and then convey the overall feeling that he wanted from the song.

But then, he stepped back and let those world class musicians brainstorm on how to articulate what he asked for. It was like having Gordon Mote, Joel Key, Dave Cleveland, Jacob Lowery, and John Hammonds as co-producers. We sat and watched as they bounced ideas back and forth, had give and take on their respective ideas, and then ultimately arrived at the finished product. Wayne would chime in if he specifically wanted a certain melody played for strings, orchestra, or horns or if the musicians played something that would conflict with the melody. Other than that, he stepped back and let the musicians do what they are gifted to do.

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this album?

Tracking the music was an absolute blast. Those musicians were hilarious. Gordon Mote is one of the funniest people that I've ever met! It's hard to imagine having that much fun and calling it work! It truly never gets old hearing a song come to life from start to finish. Honestly, the entire process is a highlight.

Q: Talk to us about your latest single "He Rescued Me." Why are you excited about this song?

This song is lyrically strong and we have been able to visibly see how the message effects people. It has been amazing! For the saved, this song is the testimony of how God saved us and rescued us from an eternity in Hell. For the lost, this is a song of hope for the one who is drowning in a sea of sin, guilt, oppression, or addiction. Jesus is the lifeline and He stands ready to rescue.

Q: How do you wish these songs would speak to your listeners?

It is our goal that the listener finds encouragement and hope in every song. While we love the musical production of the project, the strong lyrical content is what we hope captivates the listener and speaks straight to the heart. These songs will encourage, uplift, challenge, and remind the listener of the Love of God.

Q: Are you guys still performing during these COVID times? If so, where can our readers go if they want to catch you live?

Yes, we are back out traveling the roads and sharing the Gospel through song. As things are opening up, our schedule is quickly picking back up. You can go to our website ( and keep up with our tour schedule. We'd love to see you at a concert soon!  

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