Crystal Lewis Offers an Update About Her Mother Who is Suffering from Alzheimer's Disease

Crystal Lewis

Dove award-winning singer Crystal Lewis has always been very close to her mother, Mary Partain Lewis. Her mother not only was encouraging of her career, she was the one who made sure Crystal and her sisters were taught piano from an early age. However, for some time, Mary has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. 

In October of 2020, Crystal, her father, and her sisters made the painful decision to transfer Mary to a memory care facility. Crystal recalls, "I know so many of you understand having been faced with it yourselves. When the day came, it fell to just my dad and me to take her. Due to COVID restrictions, we had to say goodbye and watch her walk down a long hall with a (very nice) caregiver she'd just met.

Excruciating as it was for us, the saving grace was/remains that Alzheimer's numbs those tough moments for her. In fact, she made light of it, looking at me with a smirk and in a sly, dry, witty way she said, "Don't forget about me". I responded with a snortle and a chuckle and then wept. Like... WHAT?! Did she know what she was saying?!?! The layers of that..."

As a result of this experience, Crystal has written a song. "Well, all that to say... I wrote a song called I Won't forget You. And I'll be singing it with my two kids (@solo__ray + @izziray) on this new record. Not sure how I'll get through the recording of it... but I'll do my best :)"

Please consider helping Crystal make her new album by clicking here.

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