Worship Songs for Pentecost Sunday

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This Sunday (May 23) we celebrate Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the church as narrated in Acts 2. When the Spirit came upon the gathered church in Jerusalem, the people spoke in tongues.  Those who were foreigners in the gathering began to hear the Gospel in their native tongues. As a result, many came to know Christ. 

On Pentecost Sunday, we remember the coming the Spirit. No songs capture Acts 2 more graphically than Martin Smith's "Fire's Gonna Fall" and CeCe Winans' "Fire." Both songs are gorgeous re-creations of what happened in Acts 2. Hillsong Worship's newly released "Fresh Wind/What a Beautiful Man" not just remembers the coming of the Spirit. Rather, it's also a prayer that the Spirit will fall afresh on us today. Francesca Battistelli's "Holy Spirit" is another prayer that welcomes the Spirit to work and reign in our lives.

The goal of Pentecost is missions. God sent his Spirit not to entertain the church, but with the purpose that the people of different tongues will hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Darlene Zschech and HopeUC capture these two foci -- of the Spirit's move and reaching the nations for Christ --- perfectly in their song "Here I Am, Send Me." 

1. Martin Smith "Fire's Gonna Fall"  

2. CeCe Winans "Fire" 

3. Hillsong Worship Featuring Dave Ware and TAYA "Fresh Wind/What a Beautiful Man" 

4. Francesca Battistelli's "Holy Spirit" 

5. Darlene Zschech and HopeUC "Here I Am, Send Me"



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