WANDE Celebrates God's Greatness with New Single


The First Lady of Reach Records WANDE returns with her new single "Big God." The song was written by Wande Isola and Byron Juane and produced by Wow Eli. "Big God" is a song of celebration that reminds that God is far greater than our imperfections. 

"Big God is a celebratory track to empower Christians to remember we serve a big and powerful God," explains WANDE. "The track celebrates freedom in Christ using a playful energy to resemble the joy you can experience when walking with Him. Overall, the track empowers us to be excited about living life with a Big God and being unapologetically YOU."  

WANDE is one of the very few female rappers in the Christian industry! She is also the first woman artist to be signed to REACH Records in all its 16 years of existence. "It was fulfilling knowing my work didn't go unnoticed, given how much effort I put in," said WANDE. 

WANDE is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants who came to the US to raise her, she grew up in a home where her father was MULSIM and her mom was CHRISTIAN, she's from Austin, TX but now calls Atlanta her home, was an INTERN at REACH RECORDS and now is the first female artist from the male dominated label! 

WANDE hopes the song will build faith in us as we trust in God's greatness. "I ain't fearing no man what is he gon do, God above leave em shocked like it's pikachu, see I'm walking by faith, that's in spite of my fright, I ain't gotta have sight..." 






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