Fresh Sounds: New Music from Building 429, We Are Messengers and Worship for Everyone

Fresh Sounds

Today, Building 429, We Are Messengers and Worship for Everyone have all dropped new singles. Here's our chance to catch up with the latest music releases.   

1. Building 429 "Not Finished Yet" 

GRAMMY®-nominated band Building 429 releases their newest single "Not Finished Yet." Written by Building 429 frontman Jason Roy along with Riley Friesen, who also produced the song, the song speaks about how even when we stray far away, God is there, ready to draw us close to Him. 

"At a certain point in life, we all get a moment to take a cold, hard, unflinching look in the mirror and take stock of who we really are," shares Jason Roy. "On a good day, I know that I can see love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. The next day, if I'm honest, I might see the exact opposite. The truth is that the COVID pandemic gave us all a LOT of time to look in the mirror and see the things that we wish we knew how to change. I realized that the beginning of freedom and hope was the moment I finally admitted I didn't have it all together and I still needed Jesus to complete the work in me." 

2. We Are Messengers "Come What May"

We Are Messengers releases the anthemic "Come What May" today. The song declares that the character of God is unchanging regardless of our circumstances.

"In the past year, we've all collectively been forced to concede that, despite our illusions and devises, we do not get to control the world around us," shares front man Darren Mulligan. "'Come What May' is a song that not only acknowledges this reality, but revels in the fact that we have a God that loves us and is worthy of our faith, hope, and trust no matter what circumstances we are facing. It's a celebration of freedom of not having to fabricate a false reality to ourselves and those around us and a declaration of the goodness of God."

3. Worship for Everyone "Out of the Water"

Nick & Becky Drake's daughter for the first time,13 year old vocalist Daisy Drake gets to lead worship on Worship for Everyone's "Out of the Water." The song speaks of situations that can seem hopeless, like Moses drifting along the river, or Jesus dying on the cross, but reminds us that God pulls us 'out of the water' and saves us.

"Out Of The Water" is the second single from Worship For Everyone's third upcoming EP. 

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