SWITCHFOOT Reveals Details About New Album: "It's Our most Ambitious Album to Date"


GRAMMY® Award-winning rock band SWITCHFOOT has announced that they will their brand new album interrobang on August 20th. To celebrate this exciting news, the band has dropped another new single "Fluorescent." This newly released song is the follow-up to the album's lead single "I Need You (to be Wrong)." 

"Friends, the rumors are true... We have a new album coming out August 20th. The album is called interrobang and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you", confirmed the band. "interrobang: a question mark, an exclamation mark, together."

interrobang is going to be SWITCHFOOT's most adventurous album to date. They will explore new sounds yet not alienating their core fanbase. Lyrically, the songs offer hope and resilience in our pandemic times. "(This album) is the culmination of the past 20 years," the band confessed. "The most musically ambitious and challenging album we've ever made, during the most challenging year we've ever lived through, interrobang could not have been made at any other point in our career.

We've talked a fair bit about the "how, where, and who" of this album (tracking live as a band at the legendary Sound City, with Tony Berg producing). But we haven't talked much about "why" we made this album. Our goal for this album was to make a record that only WE could make. An album so uniquely our own that is unlike anything we've ever made before." 

'interrobang' Track Listing:
1. Beloved
2. Lost 'cause
3. Fluorescent
4. If I Were You
5. The Bones of Us
6. Splinter
7. I Need You (to Be Wrong)
8. The Hard Way
9. Wolves
10. Backwards In Time
11. Electricity



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