Kenna Turner West Reflects On Releasing Her Album After Years of Being a Successful Songwriter

Kenna Turner West

Kenna Turner West, who has been known for penning songs for Jason Crabb, Hillary Scott, Michael English and many others, will be releasing her debut album for Sonlite Records. A Reason For Hope is now available for pre-order, add or save ahead of its August 27 release. 

West talked about what it means for her to take the spotlight as an artist rather than a behind the scenes songwriter. "This whole process has been such a full-circle experience for me," the singer-songwriter noted. "For 38 years, my one desire has been to find creative ways to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the early years, that happened primarily through singing; then, in time, it grew to encompass other avenues like songwriting ('Say Amen,' 'Even Me,' 'Small Town Someone'). So to come full circle and return to my roots as a vocalist - well, it is a beautiful, unexpected blessing!"

In terms of the making of the album, West revealed that the whole process was a labor of love. "Creating this project has truly been a labor of love," she adds, "from writing songs with some of my best friends to working alongside the entire Crossroads team. Coming at this record as both a songwriter and a vocalist."

As for the songs, West hoped they will speak to her listeners in their daily lives. "I love that, while the ten songs on this project feel very personal to me, I believe they will speak to every believer who hears them. There are songs of hope ('A Reason for Hope'), victory ('We March On'), faith ('Doubt the Storm'), perseverance ('Pray On'), forgiveness ('There Is No Condemnation'), restoration ('Calling All Prodigals') - all of which are themes that touch each of our lives. I pray that these songs will bless each listener as much as they have blessed me."

Recorded at Crossroads Studios with a top shelf team led by award-winning producer Jeff Collins, A Reason For Hope locates itself on the forward-looking side of today's Southern Gospel musical spectrum, its tasteful blend of contemporary arrangements and production frequently incorporating elements of Inspirational Christian, as well as touches of Country, Pop and even African-American gospel sounds. 

Pre-order, add or save A Reason For Hope HERE.



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