Remember When Katy Perry Released Her Christian Music Album "Katy Hudson"?

Katy Hudson

Twenty years ago before Katy Perry has become known as a mega pop star known for hits such as "I Kiss a Girl," "Teenage Dream," "Firework" and many others, she released a CCM album. Katy Hudson was March 6, 2001 by Red Hill Records. The album was marketed as a Christian rock album with lyrical themes of childhood, adolescence, and Hudson's faith in God. Here are 7 things you may not know about the record:

1.  When the album was released, it was a commercial failure, selling only between 100 and 200 copies initially. The album bankrupted her recording company, Red Hill Records. Production and distribution of the album ceased after Red Hill Records folded at the end of 2001. The album sold around 1,200 copies. Later, due to Hudson's increased popularity, demand for the album increased as well. 

2. Two songs were released as singles. "Trust in Me" spent two weeks on the Radio & Records Christian Rock chart, peaking at number 17. This was followed by "Search Me" also appeared on the Christian CHR chart, spending three weeks and peaking at number 23.

3. "Katy Hudson" was awarded by Christianity Today as one of the best albums of 2001. 

4. Katy had big dreams for the album when it was released. She told Christian Music Central: "I started writing songs when I realized that singing other people's lyrics was more an expression of their heart than mine. Writing this album was very important to me. I felt I'd been given a message and was supposed to voice it in my own words. I want to be an artist, not just someone who puts her name on a CD - and I didn't want to be written off as just another teenager with a record deal. My ultimate goal is to show people that they aren't alone. If they feel they've been let down by parents, teachers, spouses or friends, there is a best friend who will never let them down. "

5. After the album creation was completed, Christian artist Jennifer Knapp and her business partner Steven Thomas signed Perry under Alabaster Arts, a management that sought promising rock talent. Knapp and Thomas searched for years to find the right talent and were impressed with Katy Perry, who was 15 at this time. According to Thomas "Katy had the right combination of talent and heart. We hesitated to sign a teenager, but Katy pulled us by our heartstrings from the very beginning. We believe she has staying power, primarily because she's a strong songwriter."

6. To promote the album, Katy embarked on The Strangely Normal Tour in February 2001, while also opening for artists such as Jennifer Knapp and Phil Noel.  

7. One of the writers Katy was paired with was Tommy Collier, who co-wrote and produced two of the album's 10 tracks. "I met her and her mom in a meeting and listened to a little bit of stuff that she had been working on," he recalled. "And eventually I ended up getting with her and writing some. Katy knew about three or four guitar chords. She had a great voice. It was just kind of like a jazzy vocal, you know, with good sound and everything like that." 








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