Billy Graham's Grandson Jonathan Lotz Sick with COVID-19

Jonathan Lotz

Billy Graham's grandson and the son of Anne Graham Lotz, Jonathan Lotz is critically ill with COVID-19. According to Anne Graham Lotz, her son was sent to ICU last week due to respiratory problems. Though he has been moved out of the intensive care unit, he is still in rehab. The family would covet our prayers.

Anne Graham Lotz wrote on social media last week, "Jonathan is in ICU. Genesis 41:52 came to mind when I read the following text Jonathan sent me this morning. He is being fruitful in the land of his affliction: "I am physically exhausted yet Spiritually overflowing! I am continually pouring over the Psalms of Ascent (120-134) in ICU.

I have had the privilege of sharing Jesus with the ER & ICU staff! What a Savior! God is so good!"Please be encouraged that God is hearing and answering your prayers-just please don't let up. Pray he will not have to go on a ventilator, that his oxygen levels would increase, that his lungs will be strengthened, healed and that his health will be fully restored-with no long term complications. My heart is filled with gratitude for your prayers."

On Wednesday, she revealed that her son is out of ICU but is in rehab. "PRAISE GOD!!! Praise our prayer-hearing, prayer-answering God! Jonathan has just been moved out of ICU. Now he begins rehab!!

My precious mother taught me the following poem that seems appropriate now: "Trust Him when dark doubts assail thee, Trust Him when they strength is small. Trust Him when to simply trust Him is the hardest thing of all. Trust Him He is ever faithful. Trust Him for His will is best. Trust Him for the heart of Jesus is the only place to rest. Trust Him then through tears and sunshine, All thy cares upon Him cast. Till the storms of life are over and the trusting days are past."

Thank you, thank you for carrying Jonathan on your knees! Please continue to pray he will go from strength to strength with no permanent side effects!" 

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